Possible Shane McMahon return?

Lately I’ve been reading articles that Shane McMahon could possibly return to the WWE. With the Authority now being Triple H, Stephanie & Vince McMahon. Is there a chance that Shane may return as well? If so will he join he’s family of rebel against them such as he did to his father in the Monday night wars when he bought WCW. I’d like to see him return but, the storyline for me is unsure.


Moment: Stone Cold Saves The WWF

Growing up watching the World Wrestling Federation/Extreme Championship Wrestling/World Championship Wrestling.  I had a lot of moments I liked and go back to either YouTube or DVD/Tapes to rewatch them. Such as this moment from my #1 favorite wrestler of all time, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin saving the WWF as “The Alliance” WCW & ECW attacks the WWF.

Sorry for the lack of HD in the video, it was the only one I could find. As for the moment itself, this is one of the times I was watching with my grandfather and my cousin, our grandfather was a WCW fan so he was going for the alliance throughout this. As for me and my cousin, we stuck with WWF through and through, I was the Stone Cold fan and he was a fan of The Rock, which meant after the show went off the air me and him would wrestle in the house till we got tired enough to sleep. As for this moment, this is the last moment we had to watch with our grandfather that died a week later from lung cancer.

The Undertaker

Mark William Calaway better known as “The Undertaker” was known as the “Dead Man” in the WWE. Over his career he held a streak at one Pay Per View known as Wrestlemania. Yet, this past Wrestlemania Undertaker lost to Brock Lesner which Paul Heyman isn’t letting anyone have any peace over it. As for the future for Taker, it’s expected that he retires from the WWE. Yet, I see him coming back for one last strike from “Beyond the Grave”. Considering that Heyman is still bloating about the match.

Undertaker was known as “Mean” Mark Callous in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1989-1990, he later signed to World Wrestling Federation now World Wrestling Entertainment. He became “The Undertaker” when he signed and teamed with his “half brother” Kane to form The Brothers of Destruction. By 1991 Undertaker had became the WWF Champion. Mark is a four time WWF/WWE Champion, Three time WWF/WWE World Champion, One time USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion, Six time WWF/WWE World Tag Team Champion, One time WCW World Tag Team Champion, One time WWF Hardcore Champion, & One time WCWA Texas Heavyweight Champion.

Other names Mark had as ring names:

Texas Red

The Master of Pain

The Punisher

Punisher Dice Morgan

Kane the Undertaker

My view on Wrestling today compared to old day wrestling

Growing up I watched WWF and WCW, during that time I couldnt predict the matches as I can now. I mean back then I enjoyed it back then and now I dont even know why I’m still watching it. WWE has become to predictible and TNA is shortly following it. Like tonights match with Gunner & Rob Van Dam, it was easy to tell that Gunner was going to win, Gunner lead the start of the match and when RVD started fight back, his friend came out to the ring. I knew then that Rob was going to lose the match. He sent his friend backstage and in the end his friend cost him the match against Gunner. Its to easy to predict, another match is the World Heavyweight title match in the Steel Cage between Randy Orton & Christian at “Super” SmackDown this past tuesday. Randy gave it away thoughout the match that he would win. I know that the two companys are looking for money, but they need to do so without so much matches being predictible. I can admit the John Cena & CM Punk matchs werent that predictible. As for WWF and WCW you could rarly predict a matches out come. Thats what I miss, todays wrestling has become boring. And it will continue untill either TNA or WWE picks up something new. Instead of coping the samethings over and over again. Such as the John Cena & Alberto Del Rio fued, its a copy of John Cena & The Miz to me. Reason being is cause Alberto will most likly use Ricardo to keep the WWE Championship at Night of Champions. Which is like how Miz used Alex Riley to keep the WWE Championship aslong as he did. By booking this fued to be the same as Cena & Miz, it isnt worth watching. WWE needs to learn something new, also turnning Sin Cara heel can also be a bad move by the WWE Creative team, since Sin Cara isnt use to the WWE lifestyle yet. Although they won’t him heel, they need to wait till he gets use to the new surroundings. WWE keeps getting predictible week after week and so does TNA aka Impact Wrestling. Although the Wrestling in WWE has picked up from both John Cena and CM Punk, its still predictible. The Creative team needs new ideas, instead of using old ones. Hopefully that will change in the future.