Possible Shane McMahon return?

Lately I’ve been reading articles that Shane McMahon could possibly return to the WWE. With the Authority now being Triple H, Stephanie & Vince McMahon. Is there a chance that Shane may return as well? If so will he join he’s family of rebel against them such as he did to his father in the Monday night wars when he bought WCW. I’d like to see him return but, the storyline for me is unsure.


CM Punk/Kevin Nash fued?

After the attack at Summer Slam, many think Triple H had Nash attack Punk for Punks doing over the last few months. What people are leaving out, “The Million Dollar Princess” Stephane McMahon loves to keep her dady Vince McMahon happy. So I’m saying Stephane sent the text to Nash during the Summer Slam event.

Nash explained why he attacked Punk at Summer Slam on Raw Monday night. Nash explained that he got a text from who he thought was Triple H telling him to “Stick” whoever won the WWE Championship match between CM Punk and John Cena. He goes on to say that when he showed up on Raw, Triple H didnt know anything about it. CM Punk come out and basically calls Nash a lair and wants to fight. As Punk heads toward the ring, secuirty lines up, not given him acess to the ring. Punk said “So the CEO has his running buddy untochable, maybe I should go talk to Triple H about this”.

I see a great fued starting between this two, but I wouldnt mind seeing a Triple Threat match between Alberto Del Rio, John Cena, & CM Punk for the WWE Championship. Since both Cena & Punk was screwed at Summer Slam. Cena was screwed by Triple H due to his foot being on the rope during the three count, Punk was screwed by Nash attacking him then Alberto Del Rio cashing in the Money in the Bank case. I dont expect to see the match till after the Punk/Nash fued is over, this fued should be great, or atleast we can hope. WWE Creative better keep this fued great.