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I’ve been a fan since the early to mid 90s. I grew up watching the Monday Nights War, through the whole thing I was a WWF fan. Though I was a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin fan and he joined the Alliance at some point, instead of just watching WCW Nitro I watched WWF Raw is War also. Now lets get down to why I decided to make this post, through out all the times I’ve watched I’ve noticed that people jump on the bandwagon when the company changes their favorite superstar/divas gimmick. Lets say in todays WWE John Cena turns Heel, 99% of the Cenation will start booing him and jump ship to whomever he faces. Now I can say this, I’m a Cena fan though I will agree the “Superman” gimmick has gotten old. As for past gimmicks, the “Chain Gang” & “Prototype” gimmicks were great.

Since we’re on the subject of John Cena, lets look at the fan girls. I’m not going to say all, but most are taking the talk to serious. What I mean is threatening to kill yourself because someone else doesn’t like Cena. If your doing that, you need to get some help quick. Lets take a look back to 2009/2010 on a site called WWE Universe, on the site the fan girls would get picked on and react this way. Its the reason why it continued, generally if you have an opinion at least have something to back it up with. Now this may make me a “hater”, though I’m only speaking my mind. John Cena was the only one, Randy Orton is another. Just because someone doesn’t mean their a “hater”, they become that way cause you make them that way.

This may get me some hate post. As I said above, voicing my opinions. If you want to talk a certain Superstar or Diva, speak about the gimmick not the person. Gimmicks play a big role in the WWE. As long as you cheer and boo WWE thinks their doing the right thing. Lets go back a second, in 2005 John Cena was drafted to Raw. The only time he was drafted again was to SmackDown just to come back to Raw in the same night. In the 10 years Cena has been on Raw, WWE has had chances to turn him heel and have not taken them. Just to name a few: John Cena vs. CM Punk, John Cena vs. Kane, John Cena vs. The Rock, John Cena vs. Rusev, John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, John Cena vs. The Authority & John Cena vs. The Shield.


Top 5 Current Favorite WWE Superstars Verison

5. Zack Ryder: Back when Ryder first debuted as an “Edge Head” with Curt Hawkins. But after awhile he grew on me and then they only used him in dark matches and on WWE Superstars. Since Superstars had went online at wwe.com, I wasnt able to watch it. I’m happy they are using him instead of throwing him to the side like they done to others in the past.

4. Sheamus: Sheamus has showen alot over the past few weeks, rather Sheamus is heel or face he entertains me. This past monday on Raw, the tag match with Randy Orton against Christian & Cody Rhodes. Both teams put on a great match, but I have to say. Watch a tag match closly and you’ll be able to till the winner.

3. John Cena: I first became a fan of Cena’s back in 2000 when he was in OWV as the Prototype. When he first debuted in WWE on the June 27, 2002 edition of SmackDown, he showed the Prototype side. A cuple of weeks after, he droped the Prototype gimmick and picked up the “Chain Gang Soldier” gimmick, which he had a ton of fans from. In 2005 when John was drafted to Raw, they turned him face and soon after, gave him the “Never Give Up Cenation” gimmick for the kids. The reason I’m a fan is because unlike alot of people that use to be Cena fans that hate him now, I dont blame this change on Cena. It was the WWE UnCreative team.

2. R-Truth: Truth’s always been great, face or heel. He puts on a show, the one thing I disagree with is not putting him as the WWE Champion by now. Truth has what it takes to be a great Champion. But WWE wont give him a shot, instead they book him as a tag partner to the Miz, which will drag him down in the end.

1. Randy Orton: “The Legend Killer”, “The Apex Predator”, “The Viper”, a few name Rany has had in his career. I became a fan back when Orton was in Evolution. Randy was trained by his father and grandfather. Randy is one of the greatest superstars WWE has. Randy’s the face of SmackDown like Cena’s the face of Raw.

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My Top 5 Favorites

This blog is on my Top 10 Favorite WWE & TNA Superstars.

John Cena:

Although I dont like the “Cenation” gimmick, I am a fan of his because he can wrestle. WWE has been holding it back since he became the face of the company in 2005. Cena has proven that he can wrestle, such as his debut match against Kurt Angle, and the matches with CM Punk over the past few months. I watched Cena back when he was in Ohio Vally Wrestling as the Prototype. John’s a great wrestler no matter what others think.

Matt Hardy:

Minus the stuff thats happened over the last few months, Matt is a decent wrestler. He has choise to retire from Wrestling and I support his idea. Although, I’d rather see him in a WWE or TNA ring, I cant.

Jeff Hardy:

I’ve been a fan of Jeff’s since WWF. During the Hardy Boyz, Team Extreme. Jeff has had problems with drugs, but all superstars have tooken drugs. Steriods is a drug and its a drug Vince McMahon pushed on all the stars including Jeff. Jeff returned to TNA this past thursday and asked for one more chance, one more chance to make up for the mistakes, he has done.

Randy Orton:

The 3rd Generation Superstar and the youngest World Champion. Randy was also one of the guys I watched back in OVW. Randy and John use to put on great matches, and just like John, WWE holds Randy back. Randy can indeed wrestle, but WWE hired him for mic skills, just like Cena & Miz.

Stone Cold Steve Austin:

“The Texas Rattlesnake” Stone Cold was the Attitude Era. Stone Cold was on of the best of the company and still is. Whenever Austin appears the crowd goes crazy. Austin is known though many names, such as “The Texas Rattlesnake”, Austin 3:16, The toughest SOB, etc. Austin had great fueds with the McMahons and The Rock.

John Cena



John Cena went by the Prototype or Mr. P in OVW (Ohio Vally Wrestling) while his time there, he face 3rd Generation star, Randy Orton. John and Randy have fueded both in OVW and in WWE. John  debuted on the June 27, 2002 edition of Friday Night SmackDown. He started a fued that night. He debut as the Prototype, he came out to the ring after Kurt Angle asked the lockerroom if they were scared to face him. The next week on SmackDown, John showed up with the Chain Gang attire. With the “Word Life” theme. He got a big pop from the crowd. John picked up the name “The Champ” after winning the United States Championship from Kurt Angle. Later on he gained the name “Dr. of Thugonmics” during the fued for the WWE Championship. At Wrestlemania 22 John Cena won not just his first Mania, but the WWE Championship for the first. He had two title, but WWE Originaly stripped him of the United States title since he was now holding the WWE Championship. Soon after winning the title, John  made a custom WWE Championship, which we see today, the spinner belt. In 2005, John was the #1 draft pick to head to Monday Night Raw! The following week, he appeared on Chris Jericho’s High Light Reel, where he rap battled Christian. Which lead to a fued between them. In 2005 the Chain Gang gimmick started to fade away and the “Hustle, Loyalty, & Respect” gimmick came into play. Cena wore those three words everytime he stepped into the ring. Cena was the very person that he set out to be. He has a connect with the fans unlike any other WWE Superstar at the time. Cena slowly became the face of the WWE and gained the name “Poster Boy”, fans that use to cheer him, slowly started to boo him. Cena slowly became hated by fans for becoming the poster boy. But John never gave up on the fans that backed him up since day 1 and is still behind him. The gimmick he uses now is “Never Give Up Cenation”, there’s fans that live by that, they still cheer Cena like they did when he had the “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” gimmick, like they did when he had the “Chain Gang” gimmick. Wheater you like or hate him, you gotta respect John Cena. Cena goes out to that ring every night to entertain the fans. Not just his, but the entire WWE Universe. Just like all the WWE Superstars and Divas do. John is there to entertain, thats what he loves doing and he’ll keep doing it. John has the Chain Gang and Cenation behind him a 110% of the way. John grew up watching guys like Roddy Roddy Piper, Stone Cold, The Rock, and more like some of us have. He has as much respect for the WWE Hall of Famers as we do. They paved the road, without them or and of the Superstars or Divas including John, then we would never have seen WWE. Wrestling would more then likly be dead. I wouldnt be writing this blog.

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