WWE Monday Night Raw Review 9/29/14

Now I know I have been a little active over the past few days compared to the past year and I hope it can continue. Anyways, lets start this.


Lets start this off with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Considering Dean “stole” Rollins Money in the Bank case last Monday Night, he said on last nights show, if you want the case, come get it. In which Seth did only to be stopped by John Cena. Afterwards, Triple H sent Jamie Noble and Mercury to find Ambrose, which eventually lead to #AmbroseLive on Raw. Ambrose was giving away merchandise to the audience. Seth came out to see his case, a few moments later Dean went through the crowd and looked back as Seth opened the case to be sprayed by some kind of green gunk.

Which you can see that Ambrose is happy about it. Later on in the night we had a tag match between Dean Ambrose & John Cena against Randy Orton & Kane. Which was never finished due to Rollins interfering in the match. We ended Raw with John Cena & Dean Ambrose laid out in the ring.

Another thing is the Cosmic Key that Stardust and Goldust seem to believe the Tag Team titles are. Although, this is weird it fits both of the Rhodes brothers storylines. Goldust has had this weird character for years and now Cody has fell into the lifestyle. They believe the titles with weight there future. How true this is, its highly doubtful. As for the Usos, I’ve seen that most want the Usos to have the titles back. I agree but not for awhile.

Tyson Kidd & Natalya, seems to me there having Marriage problems. Considering through the whole match Kidd paid no attention while Natalya was trying to get him to. Then there was footage of Natalya on Total Divas upset because of the birthday gift Kidd got her. Who else wants to see Kidd get back in the ring? Yes, I know its a random question. But, it seems since he’s been out of the ring he has been fighting with his wife.

To close out this article, next week it has been said that Roman Regins will have a Interview. Who’s to know what Roman has to say, will he go after Seth? or go after the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

Also Big Show vs. Rusev next week. After Mark Henry failed to beat Rusev, Show promised to knock Rusev out, which he did this past Friday night SmackDown. On Raw last night Show knocked down the Russian flag which is a sign that he’s ready for whatever Rusev dishes out next week. In the words of JBL “We have a giant on our side”.


Money in the Bank 2014

With WWE Money in the Bank happening tonight, I decided to go ahead and post my thoughts on the Pay Per View. So lets start this off with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.

I would say the crowd favorites for this match are Roman Reigns, Bray Whytt, Sheamus, John Cena, or Randy Orton. But, how I see this match ending is the opposite of what happened on SmackDown when Kane let Randy climb the Ladder. I see it getting down to the point where its just Randy & Kane left then having Kane turn on Orton to pick up the victory. But, I did think this over as well. Randy & Kane could end up knocking each other out. This is where my 2nd pick comes in, now I know this is probably someone that most aren’t going to like. But, my 2nd pick is John Cena. The only reason I say that for is because how long has it been since we’ve seen Cena holding the titles?

Next up is the Money in the Bank Contract Match

For this one my pick is Kofi, mainly due to him needing a push. Dean and Seth are going to be going after each other so you can’t really say their in the match. Barrett is already holding a title, if he wins I see him losing the IC title shortly after. Ziggler, Swagger, & RVD have already won Money in the Bank before so they are most likely the hand picked favorites of this match.

Let me be the first to say, I’m not into much of the Diva matches. But, the Rookie Champion has impressed me. Although, to me this could be the match that she loses the Championship. My money on Naomi.

The Whytt Family vs. The Usos. I’m going for the whytt’s on this one. These two teams have faced off in the past, such as during the story line between Cena & Bray. As during Tag Title defenses, which the Usos have won. But this time I believe the Whytt’s have their number.


John Cena

Thoughout the IWC you hear people say that Cena can’t wrestle. That Cena got a major push since his Debut. Dont believe what they say, why? Heres the turth about Cena, a few things will be brought up, his storyline, character, etc. Believe it or not I’m a Cena fan. Altough I like the old rapper gimmick, I dont turn like most fans do. I’ll prove all the people that where fans of his in 2002-2005 wroung.


John Cena’s Wrestling:
You hear people thoughout the IWC that Cena can’t wrestle. Although Cena can, his debut match against Kurt Angle he showed up all that he could. Thoughout his time in WWE the creative team has limit him to 5 moves, which the IWC has named the 5 Moves of Doom. His matches with CM Punk at Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View and Summer Slam 2011 he’s turned a few heads. Over the last few months Cena has showed the IWC that he can wrestle, rather if they want to admit it or not they know he can indeed wrestle.


John Cena’s Push:
Cena didnt get a major push, he won the title in 2005 at Wrestlemania 21, he won the United States Championship in 2004. If you want to talk about someone that got a major push, look at Sheamus, he won his first WWE Championship two months into his WWE career, it took Cena 3 years to win the WWE Championship, I dont see how thats a major push. Sheamus had a major push, as for Cena, he had a decent push compaired to others.

John Cena’s Storyline:
Cena’s current storyline with Alberto Del Rio is pretty much due to the results of Summer Slam, Cena was basically screwed by Triple H during the match against CM Punk. Cena’s foot was on the rope as the three count was under way. After the match, Kevin Nash comes out of the crowed and attacks CM Punk leading to Alberto Del Rio cashing in Money in the Bank case on Punk, the next night on Monday Night Raw, after Del Rio and Rey Mysterio match, Alberto Del Rio uses the Cross Arm Breaker trying to break Rey’s arm, Cena charges to the ring and attacks Del Rio. Del Rio gets out of the ring and Cena grabs a mic and basically says that Del Rio isnt right to be Champion, says he didnt earn and that it makes the title pointless. Cena said that Punk earned the right to be called WWE Champion, but Del Rio didnt.


John Cena’s Character:
Cena’s character is related to the PG Era as Superman, by which the IWC has given him the name “SuperCena”. Cena’s current character has him where you think you have him down for the count and then out of no where and win the match. That isnt Cena’s fault, thats how WWE uses him. The IWC like to blame Cena for everything the WWE does, which is crap. Cena isnt the blame, its the WWE Creative Teams idea.

John Cena mainly gets hate thoughout the IWC from kids and fan girls, but that happens with alot of Superstars, also Cena being the face of the company also is a reason he recives hate. But Cena has said that it doesnt matter if you cheer or boo him, he’s in the company to entertain you. Cena goes out to that ring, every Raw, every PPV to entertain the WWE fans, cheer him, boo him. Its your choise. You can be a fan or not, just dont make up things because you hate him or “dislike”. Cena is there to entertain like all the other Superstars and Divas.

The Storyline between CM Punk & John Cena

The storyline between John Cena and CM Punk has keeped fans on the edge of their seats to see who will win. Weeks before Money in the Bank last month, CM Punk said the truth about Cena, even went far enough to call out the McMahons. Vince suspended CM Punk for that. But at Money in the Bank, CM Punk did what everybody thought was impossible, he beat John Cena for the WWE Championship in one of WWE’s Greatest Matches. CM Punk held his own against the WWE Champion John Cena and came out with a victory over the former champ.

The next night on Raw, Vince McMahon made a tournetment to crown a new WWE Championship. He was also going to fire John Cena, as Vince was about to fire Cena, “The Game” Triple H came out and gave Vince some news that he didnt want to hear. Vince McMahon was fired from his Son-n-law Triple H. At the end of the night we learned that Triple H would be taken over the WWE.

The Raw following had Rey Mysterio win the WWE Championship, only to defend it later in the night against John Cena. John Cena did beat Mysterio for the title. After the match, the original WWE Champion came out with the real WWE Championship. CM Punk came out with a new theme, and got in the ring with Cena. Cena held up his title but Punk held his higher.

Then Triple H annoced that at Summer Slam John Cena will face CM Punk to find out who the Undiputed WWE Champion is. Last night on Raw, Triple H put himself as the ref of the match. Both Punk and Cena agreed it was out of ego that Hunter named himself the ref. Later on in the night, during the contract signning, Punk stated “I thought we were here to entertain, not talk” “The last time we had one of these contracts signnings, doesnt it end with someone hurt? Why dont we go ahead and start the entertainment” After signning Cena told Punk he need this match, Cena said win or lose I still have the match with The Rock at Wrestlemania. By the end of the night, Cena got up and said lets do some entertainment, pushed his chair back, put his belt on the ground, Punk did the same and flipped the table. Hunters friend got inbetween them and backed Punk off, Punk swung at Cena, Cena went after Punk, and Hunter held Cena back, Punk kicked the guy in the head and pointed at Cena, Cena knocked Hunter down, Punk got out of the ring. Cena & Hunter started agruing while Punk was on the outside.

My Thoughts:

1. Either Cena or Hunter turns heel at SS.

2. Punk wins by fair.

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