Just to say..

After the forums, we all went our on paths. The Animal Batista aka Ray the Rambler went on to make Wrestling Rambles, which was big as it can be, although, it is closing for a short time. I expect it to be back up and running by early 2015, of Ray may prove me wrong. When the site opened I was one of the few that commented and later on I made my own site. Through the years I have posted my thoughts on Wrestling and even on things other then Wrestling, I have also had times that I couldn’t post due to personal life.

As for when I read the Farwell post, the interest in Wrestling for the past 6 months. Yes, I agree. Although, due to life I have rarely watched. As for Lesner being the Champ, are they going to have him try to leave with the Championship such as Punk did? Lets face it, Lesner won’t be there long till he jumps ship back to MMA. Like the Rock did with the movies. The only few things I watch for anymore is the Rhodes brother/Usos & Dean Ambrose/John Cena/Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins. I’d like to see more out of the WWE, due to this is the company I’ve been watching since the mid 90s. As for TNA, I’ve said it once. I’m not much of a fan of TNA. I really only watch for Matt & Jeff Hardy and that’s rare.

Now back to why I decided to make this post, some of the writers from Wrestling Rambles I’ve known for a few years, considering most of us was apart of WWE Universe in 2009-Jan, 1, 2011. Then on other forums leading up to the creation of WR. I applaud WR for there hard work over the years, although, at times I couldn’t “tune in” to the articles, when I could I read them. Maybe I didn’t comment, but I still read some. Now the next part goes straight to the staff of WR:

You’ve worked with eachother over the years, with different opinions and views. Probably had arguments, but in all of it you have become a family. You may live in different parts of the world. But, you are one family. Just think of me as a distant cousin.


Matt Hardy Retires from Pro Wrestling

Less then a week ago former WWE & TNA Star Matt Hardy made a YouTube video entitled “Goodbye”, the first thing that came to mind from the people that watched the video was suicide. The next day he made another video saying he was ok, the following day Matt made another video explainning that the “Goodbye” video was to never be taken as a suicide video. Matt went on to explain that it was to end his Wrestling career.

Personaly as a fan of Matt’s, I dont won’t to see him leave. But it isnt my desion, its his. I wish Matt luck in the future. As for Matt’s retirement, there have been talk or Matt’s brother Jeff Hardy to retire soon aswell. I grew up watching both of the Hardy Boyz, and just like Matt, I dont won’t to see Jeff leave. But best of luck to both with future plans. Jeff returns to TNA next week, will he talk about Matt’s retirement?

You can keep up with Matt Hardy on his YouTube accout at