Money in the Bank 2014

With WWE Money in the Bank happening tonight, I decided to go ahead and post my thoughts on the Pay Per View. So lets start this off with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.

I would say the crowd favorites for this match are Roman Reigns, Bray Whytt, Sheamus, John Cena, or Randy Orton. But, how I see this match ending is the opposite of what happened on SmackDown when Kane let Randy climb the Ladder. I see it getting down to the point where its just Randy & Kane left then having Kane turn on Orton to pick up the victory. But, I did think this over as well. Randy & Kane could end up knocking each other out. This is where my 2nd pick comes in, now I know this is probably someone that most aren’t going to like. But, my 2nd pick is John Cena. The only reason I say that for is because how long has it been since we’ve seen Cena holding the titles?

Next up is the Money in the Bank Contract Match

For this one my pick is Kofi, mainly due to him needing a push. Dean and Seth are going to be going after each other so you can’t really say their in the match. Barrett is already holding a title, if he wins I see him losing the IC title shortly after. Ziggler, Swagger, & RVD have already won Money in the Bank before so they are most likely the hand picked favorites of this match.

Let me be the first to say, I’m not into much of the Diva matches. But, the Rookie Champion has impressed me. Although, to me this could be the match that she loses the Championship. My money on Naomi.

The Whytt Family vs. The Usos. I’m going for the whytt’s on this one. These two teams have faced off in the past, such as during the story line between Cena & Bray. As during Tag Title defenses, which the Usos have won. But this time I believe the Whytt’s have their number.



Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan started out in the WWE has a member of the New Nexus with CM Punk, David Otunga, Husky Harris, & Michael McGillicutty. Ryan debuted on 1/17/11 by attacking CM Punk & John Cena.

Later on we found out that Ryan had joined the New Nexus prior to he’s debut. Thus the reason Punk allowed Ryan to kick him in the skull. Ryan is bulit to be somewhat a second verison of the “Animal” Dave Batistia with left the company the Raw after Wrestliemania 25 for MMA. Ryan was injuried during the Randy Orton/CM Punk fued, in which Ryan was punted in the skull. Ryan returned to Superstars this past on 8/9/11.

Ryan had a great return match, and turned face as seen on Monday Night Raw this past Monday when he turned on his partners Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger in a tag match agains Air-Boom and Zack Ryder. Ryan is one of the companys future stars. Ryan is in the line with Superstars like Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Ted Dibiase J.r, & Cody Rhodes. Also, Ryan’s new theme fits him.

Raw Review 9/5/10

John Cena, John Morrison, Sheamus, & Alex Riley vs. Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, & Christian

To me this was a great match, it showed that John Cena wasnt super, he took advantage of Ziggler and Swagger’s jelousy of each other. Thoughout the match Cena’s team was losing as John Morrison was elimanated first. After Morrison was Alex Riley, Riley has been doing well since the split with the Miz earlier this year. Riley did great at the 2011 Money in the Bank PPV in the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder match. Riley is up for break out star of the year. After Riley was elimanted, Wade Barrett followed. Soon after Wade was Christian and Sheamus, who were both elimanted by double count out. Which left Cena against Swagger and Ziggler. Swagger and Ziggler let there gruge get inbetween them, costing them the win in the end. At the end of the match, Alberto Del Rio tried to attack Cena, only to find that Cena was waiting for him in the ring.

CM Punk, Kevin Nash, & Triple H segment

Although the text was susposly made out to be made by Stephaine McMahon, but it turns out that Nash sent the text to himself. This storyline is getting really stupid, even for the PG Era in my opion. Then Triple H ends up firing Nash? I can see that Nash somehow cost Triple H at Night of Champions in the match against CM Punk. Which would give Vince McMahon the C.E.O spot back and he’d hire Nash back to fued with Triple H upto Wrestlemania 28.

Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston vs. Jinder Mahal and Great Khali

The team of Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston (Air-Boom), have shaped up the tag divison. The match was decent, as for Khali chopping his tag partner was a botch. I see these two teams facing again next week or the week after. Evan Bourne won the match for his team by the Shooting Star Press.

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve

I dont pay attention to the Diva matches much anymore. Beth won by a somewhat botched Glamslam.

Miz/Truth segment

R-Truth and Miz announce that they will be challenging Evan and Kofi for the Tag Team Championships at Night Of Champions, in addition to some hilarious jokes from R-Truth.

CM Punk vs. R-Truth

I missed this match. But CM Punk won by GTS.


HHH vs. CM Punk at Night Of Champions is now a no DQ match. If CM Punk wins, HHH will resign from the company as COO.
Personaly, I dont wont to see this match happen.

Zack Ryder and Jerry Lawler vs. David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty

King and Ryder beat the former undiputed tag champs with the Rough Ryder.

Randy Orton vs. Heath Slater

To me its like there trying to bulid Slater as the next Edge. Randy Orton beats Slater via RKO.

WWE Summer Slam 2011

WWE Summer Slam results and Opions:

Rey Mysterio, John Morrison & Kofi Kingston Beat R-Truth, Alberto Del Rio & The Miz at SummerSlam.┬áTo me, Truth’s team shouldve won.

Kelly Kelly vs. Beth, I seen Kelly wing, she isnt gonna lose the title that soon. But, Maryse needs to win it. Instead of giving it back to the Bellas.

Wade Barrett beats Daniel Bryan. It was a great match to see between the two. Not one of my favorite matches, but its up there.

Edge/Christian Segment. Edge basically turned his back on Christian when he desided to be in Randy Orton’s conor for the match.

Randy Orton defeats Christian for the World title, to me this match was short. Its still a screw job that Christian can’t have one good run as Champion.

CM Punk beats John Cena, basically John Cena got screwed. His foot was on the rope and I hope they bring this up on Raw. Agter the match, I was thing Cena might actully go heel and attack both Triple H & CM Punk, but instead he just left. CM Punk was attacked by “Big Daddy Disel” Kevin Nash, which lead to Alberto Del Rio cashing in to win the WWE Championship.

I give this PPV a 3 out of 5, at the end of the night, 2 guys were screwed.