Money in the Bank 2014

With WWE Money in the Bank happening tonight, I decided to go ahead and post my thoughts on the Pay Per View. So lets start this off with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.

I would say the crowd favorites for this match are Roman Reigns, Bray Whytt, Sheamus, John Cena, or Randy Orton. But, how I see this match ending is the opposite of what happened on SmackDown when Kane let Randy climb the Ladder. I see it getting down to the point where its just Randy & Kane left then having Kane turn on Orton to pick up the victory. But, I did think this over as well. Randy & Kane could end up knocking each other out. This is where my 2nd pick comes in, now I know this is probably someone that most aren’t going to like. But, my 2nd pick is John Cena. The only reason I say that for is because how long has it been since we’ve seen Cena holding the titles?

Next up is the Money in the Bank Contract Match

For this one my pick is Kofi, mainly due to him needing a push. Dean and Seth are going to be going after each other so you can’t really say their in the match. Barrett is already holding a title, if he wins I see him losing the IC title shortly after. Ziggler, Swagger, & RVD have already won Money in the Bank before so they are most likely the hand picked favorites of this match.

Let me be the first to say, I’m not into much of the Diva matches. But, the Rookie Champion has impressed me. Although, to me this could be the match that she loses the Championship. My money on Naomi.

The Whytt Family vs. The Usos. I’m going for the whytt’s on this one. These two teams have faced off in the past, such as during the story line between Cena & Bray. As during Tag Title defenses, which the Usos have won. But this time I believe the Whytt’s have their number.



Future Stars of the WWE

I desided to write an article on some of the future Superstars of the WWE.

Mason Ryan

Ryan has been bulit to be the next Batista, so expect titles in this mans hands later on his career. Like I said in another article about Ryan, he’s a great superstar for the WWE roster and has showen that since his debut in the company. Though Ryan was hired as a member of the New Nexus, he showed the power and aggression he has, with his return to Monday Night Raw this past Monday night, Ryan made a face turn and turned on both of his partners Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. Ryan was tagged in by Dolph and then attacked Dolph helpping Zack Ryder set Dolph up for the “Rough Ryder”, which gave Ryder the pinfall over the United States Champion for the second time.

Zack Ryder

Zack has a future in the company, he first debuted as one of Edge’s “Edge Heads” with Curt Hawkins. Later on both Zack was being used in house shows and dark matches but never on live events. Then Zack became popular on YouTube though he’s videos. “Ture Island Long Z!” and later brought in the “Internet Championship” which we started seeing Zack on Raw and SmackDown, he was a Co-GM on SmackDown and a wrestler on Raw. Zack beat Michael Cole and over the last two weeks, he’s beat the United States Champion twise. Hopefully, they give him the title and a well deserved run as United States Champion. Zack, is working up the ladder and hopefully will become WWE Champion in the future.


Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan started out in the WWE has a member of the New Nexus with CM Punk, David Otunga, Husky Harris, & Michael McGillicutty. Ryan debuted on 1/17/11 by attacking CM Punk & John Cena.

Later on we found out that Ryan had joined the New Nexus prior to he’s debut. Thus the reason Punk allowed Ryan to kick him in the skull. Ryan is bulit to be somewhat a second verison of the “Animal” Dave Batistia with left the company the Raw after Wrestliemania 25 for MMA. Ryan was injuried during the Randy Orton/CM Punk fued, in which Ryan was punted in the skull. Ryan returned to Superstars this past on 8/9/11.

Ryan had a great return match, and turned face as seen on Monday Night Raw this past Monday when he turned on his partners Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger in a tag match agains Air-Boom and Zack Ryder. Ryan is one of the companys future stars. Ryan is in the line with Superstars like Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Ted Dibiase J.r, & Cody Rhodes. Also, Ryan’s new theme fits him.

Current WWE Gimmicks

So this blog is all about the superstars current gimmicks in WWE now. So the gimmicks I’ll write today are Miz’s, Ziggler’s, & John Cena’s.

The Miz:

The Miz’s current Awesome gimmick has become stale. When he first started using the gimmick he was on top of the world, WWE Unifer Tag Team Champion with the Big Show and also the United States Champion. After he won the WWE Championship the gimmick didnt fit him. And after losing the WWE Championship, he held onto the gimmick. The gimmick is old and stale, WWE needs to figure a new gimmick for him.

Dolph Ziggler:

Ziggler’s current Perfection gimmick was great on SmackDown, but he’s had that gimmick since basically his debut in WWE. His first gimmick wasnt bad although it was annoying. Ziggler’s a great wrestler, but his gimmick is stale. WWE usully takes the gimmicks way to out of date before they change them and now Ziggler needs a new gimmick. Ziggler has what it takes to be the next WWE Champion.

John Cena:

The 9 time WWE Champion and one of the most hated stars thoughout the IWC. The Super Man gimmick Cena’s had since 2006 when he drop the Chain Gang/Rapper gimmick. John became the face of the WWE by 2008, and with that came alot of hate. Which I’ve proved before that alot of that hate is more toward the WWE Creative team, rather then Cena himself. As for his gimmick, over the past few months you couldnt tell what gimmick he had or has due to the fued with CM Punk. Cena has stepped up the wrestling and hasnt been the Super Man as much. Cena has lost to Punk 2 times, been attacked by Alberto Del Rio and will more then likly lose at Night of Champions. At this point I dont know if WWE is changing Cena’s gimmick or not. Hopefully, they do. But I can say this, the Super Man gimmick is getting old and has been old for a long time.