WWE Fan Girls/Bandwagons

I’ve been a fan since the early to mid 90s. I grew up watching the Monday Nights War, through the whole thing I was a WWF fan. Though I was a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin fan and he joined the Alliance at some point, instead of just watching WCW Nitro I watched WWF Raw is War also. Now lets get down to why I decided to make this post, through out all the times I’ve watched I’ve noticed that people jump on the bandwagon when the company changes their favorite superstar/divas gimmick. Lets say in todays WWE John Cena turns Heel, 99% of the Cenation will start booing him and jump ship to whomever he faces. Now I can say this, I’m a Cena fan though I will agree the “Superman” gimmick has gotten old. As for past gimmicks, the “Chain Gang” & “Prototype” gimmicks were great.

Since we’re on the subject of John Cena, lets look at the fan girls. I’m not going to say all, but most are taking the talk to serious. What I mean is threatening to kill yourself because someone else doesn’t like Cena. If your doing that, you need to get some help quick. Lets take a look back to 2009/2010 on a site called WWE Universe, on the site the fan girls would get picked on and react this way. Its the reason why it continued, generally if you have an opinion at least have something to back it up with. Now this may make me a “hater”, though I’m only speaking my mind. John Cena was the only one, Randy Orton is another. Just because someone doesn’t mean their a “hater”, they become that way cause you make them that way.

This may get me some hate post. As I said above, voicing my opinions. If you want to talk a certain Superstar or Diva, speak about the gimmick not the person. Gimmicks play a big role in the WWE. As long as you cheer and boo WWE thinks their doing the right thing. Lets go back a second, in 2005 John Cena was drafted to Raw. The only time he was drafted again was to SmackDown just to come back to Raw in the same night. In the 10 years Cena has been on Raw, WWE has had chances to turn him heel and have not taken them. Just to name a few: John Cena vs. CM Punk, John Cena vs. Kane, John Cena vs. The Rock, John Cena vs. Rusev, John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, John Cena vs. The Authority & John Cena vs. The Shield.


Roman Regins and the Rumble

For those that watched this years Royal Rumble seen Roman Regins win the Rumble. Now there’s the question if he’s got what it takes to be champion. Is he championship metrical? As for this, everyone has there own opinion. I for one missed the Rumble, got the results from friends that did watch. Lets take a look back on Roman for a few, he first showed up as a rookie on NXT. Then later on join the faction called The Shield with Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins. Which first attacked John Cena during his match against CM Punk, which in terms cost Cena the match. The Shield became big due to that, eventually they ran across one of WWE best factions Evolution, “The Game” Triple H, “The Animal” Batista & “The Viper” Randy Orton. Although, this feud ended with Seth Rollins turning on The Shield by hitting Roman with a steel chair on Raw to join the Authority. Regins was now in singles and was getting a push that you can see now at the Rumble.

As for the fact that there are many on the list that most believe should’ve gotten a push before Roman, the fact is the reaction that Roman gets plays a row. A big pop in crowed when he comes out. With the “Power Couple” in charge saying what’s best for business. Roman in a title match fits. Now then with that said, my piece in this. Roman was one of my top 5 to win the Rumble. Even though he has won the Rumble, I don’t think he’ll win at WrestleMania. If by some chance he does, I see Rollins cashing in. I’ve been hearing that Lesnar will lose the title at WrestleMania and leave the WWE once again. This has been expected for awhile. As for this feud between the Shield members. I wouldn’t mind seeing Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Regins for the WWE Championship. Through that may or may not happen, think it’d be a match.


Has the current WWE product sucked?

Of course this came to my mind after WR posted their thoughts. But lets take a moment to look into it. WWE has a few storylines now that have my attention, at the same time they have storylines that I could careless about. One being Lesner as the WWE World Champion. Anybody that’s watched over the past few years should know that Lesner fits in with the Rock. Rock comes back for a few months, then leaves to make movies again and again. Such as Lesner will leave over and over. But, for the time being Lesner has a part to play. Being that since Seth coasted John Cena the Championship, which interims has Cena feuding with Rollins now. Although, I’m a Cena fan I’m not exactly ready for another Cena Championship run. Need to have someone new as the Champion.

Speaking of John Cena, the feud between him and Rollins includes Dean Ambrose, which was taken out by Rollins and Kane earlier this year by a curb stomp on concert blocks. Which they planned to do to John Cena on Raw after earlier in the night locking Ambrose in a locker room in the back. Which when Rollins and Kane opened the box popped out Ambrose. I can see Randy Orton stepping in sooner or later which will most likely bring Roman Regins in. Considering Roman and Randy have been feuding as well.

One other thing I look at is the Rhodes and the Usos. I’m a bit happy about Goldust and Cody Rhodes aka Star Dust being heels. Also, Cody’s gimmick is actually something I seen coming, considering Goldust had his weird gimmick and with Cody having the weird Dashing gimmick I somehow seen this coming. As for this feud, I would like to see the Usos get the titles back, but at the same time I hope the Rhodes hold on for awhile. Considering Goldust is getting close to retirement himself. I don’t see another main title run for Goldust.

As for the Diva Division, Brie & Nikki Bella. I actually like this feud, seeing Nikki become the heel. If we look at this though, over the past few months the focus has been on Brie Bella leaving Nikki completely out of the picture. The two that shared the spot light, one drops the other and the “darkness” takes over. I see this feud ending with the two making up like every family does.

Now then as for I’d like to see over the next few months is CM Punk returning. We have a Champion with no challengers, CM Punk has had a feud with Lesner in the past when he turned his back on Paul Heyman. Heyman sent his client Brock Lesner after Punk. I believe this would be the perfect time for Punk to return to the WWE. Although, with how WWE is, it may not happen till sometime next year.

Just to say..

After the forums, we all went our on paths. The Animal Batista aka Ray the Rambler went on to make Wrestling Rambles, which was big as it can be, although, it is closing for a short time. I expect it to be back up and running by early 2015, of Ray may prove me wrong. When the site opened I was one of the few that commented and later on I made my own site. Through the years I have posted my thoughts on Wrestling and even on things other then Wrestling, I have also had times that I couldn’t post due to personal life.

As for when I read the Farwell post, the interest in Wrestling for the past 6 months. Yes, I agree. Although, due to life I have rarely watched. As for Lesner being the Champ, are they going to have him try to leave with the Championship such as Punk did? Lets face it, Lesner won’t be there long till he jumps ship back to MMA. Like the Rock did with the movies. The only few things I watch for anymore is the Rhodes brother/Usos & Dean Ambrose/John Cena/Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins. I’d like to see more out of the WWE, due to this is the company I’ve been watching since the mid 90s. As for TNA, I’ve said it once. I’m not much of a fan of TNA. I really only watch for Matt & Jeff Hardy and that’s rare.

Now back to why I decided to make this post, some of the writers from Wrestling Rambles I’ve known for a few years, considering most of us was apart of WWE Universe in 2009-Jan, 1, 2011. Then on other forums leading up to the creation of WR. I applaud WR for there hard work over the years, although, at times I couldn’t “tune in” to the articles, when I could I read them. Maybe I didn’t comment, but I still read some. Now the next part goes straight to the staff of WR:

You’ve worked with eachother over the years, with different opinions and views. Probably had arguments, but in all of it you have become a family. You may live in different parts of the world. But, you are one family. Just think of me as a distant cousin.

Top 3 Favorite Stables in WWE History

1. Evolution

Evolution formed by Ric Flair to train younger stars in the bussiness. The members of Evolution where “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, “The Game” Triple H, “The Animal” Batista, & “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton. They ran as a heel stable, rather if its attackin superstars backstage or a group attack in the ring, Evolution was a great stable. Triple H took over as the leader and it soon ended, but Randy Orton was kicked out after he won his first world title.

2. D-Generation-X

D-Generation-X, the random stable. Unlike Evolution, DX wasnt just about bussiness, DX did alot of stuff that was random, fun, not thought of. DX is still in the company today. A cuple of weeks ago on SmackDown, “The Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels & “The Game” Triple H asked for one more Wrestlemania, one more match. And I for one hope DX gets it. If this is the last time were going to see them, then I except the match to be huge. But there is a probly, due to the match HBK had at Wrestlemania 26 against the Undertaker, HBK had to retaire from the WWE, which means no more in-ring action.

3. The Nexus

The Nexus brought something new, they brought that old TV-14 feeling to the PG Era. A group of NXT Season 1 rookies, attacking WWE Superstars in a pack. When they debuted in the WWE, they made there mark by attacking the face of the company John Cena. But during there debut, they didnt just attack Cena, they also attacked Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Josh Mathews, Luke Gallows, & CM Punk. During there time in as a stable, they attacked Cody Rhodes, Mr. McMahon, and other WWE Superstars.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown 10/14/11

Big Show & Mark Henry

I’m looking forward to the Show/Henry fued for the title, I just hope WWE doesnt strech it out way to far. I also hope that Show wins the title and sets up a fued with Wade Barrett for the World Heavyweight Championship. Yes, Henry has been on a rampage over the last cuple of months. But, after last Friday night, Show showed what he can do.

The Battle Royal

I really liked this idea, if they could do this for the Royal Rumble match instead of just 30 or 40 men in the match, I believe the rating would sky rocket. My picks for the Battle Royal were: Zack Ryder, Evan Bourne, CM Punk, Mason Ryan, R-Truth, Wade Barrett, Alex Riley, Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara (Mistico), Sin Cara (Hunico), Randy Orton, and Sheamus. I was surprised to see Matt Straker in the battle royal. As for the winner Randy Orton wins by and RKO to The Miz on the aporn. Both went down, but Miz touched the floor first. Randy chose Mark Henry to face for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara (Backstage)

Sin Cara (Hunico) attacked and demasked Sin Cara (Mistico)

Sin Cara (Hunico) vs. Justin Gabriel

I liked this match, I’m a fan of both. My pick was Justin Gabriel, but Sin Cara picked up the win in a short match.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus

Great match, alot of power between the two. Sheamus went to the top rope, as he rarly does. Ricardo interfered and cost Sheamus the match with the help of Christian.

Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton (World Heavyweight Championship)

My prediction for this match was Big Show interfering by attacking Henry. Instead Cody Rhodes interfers, and attacks Orton. Then Big Show comes out and goes after Henry. Rhodes goes to the top rope and jumps toward Show, Show caught him in a choke hold and toss him towarded Orton, Orton hit the RKO on Rhodes and Show choke slammed Henry.

D-Generation-X Return

Would seem DX wants to be at Wrestlemania. Although HBK has that deal with Taker not to compete anymore, if WWE worked out a storyline where HBK & Taker could work out a way for a match to happen at Maina.

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WWE Monday Night Raw 10/10/11

The start of Monday Night Raw this past monday was great, three guys that come out and show that they love the company while everybody else stays in the parking lot, John Cena, Sheamus, & John Cena come out to be on Raw. Punk said it himself, unstable work environment is what he thrives on, that’s what he loves. The COO Triple H started off Raw with John Cena vs. Sheamus with himself as the Ref and Punk as an announcer and bell-ringer. Half way though the match, the Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon came out and told Triple H that he will no longer be in charge of Monday Night Raw, instead Johnny Ace (John Laurinaitis) would be in charge, this is something I disagree with, John over the last few months has been causing the stuff that has been happening on Raw, and they put him in control? Why? And then bringing Miz and R-Truth back? Well, keep Truth…fire Miz. Miz hasn’t proved anything in the company and its a wonder he’s still in the WWE. John is going to be the one to kill Monday Night Raw, hopefully Vince finds someone else to take over Raw and fast.

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