Battle Pirates and the changes needed

First I want to┬ástart this off by saying. I started this game shortly before Revenge Raid 1. I’m currently level 55 after missing a year of this game. The repair bills on fleets which is the main topic up for change. The repairs have been long for a long time, the most I’ve seen is from 10-16 hours a fleet. How are you suppose to play the game with that kind of repair? Of course they give you Free 5 min repairs, so you still have 15hrs 55mins before you get the 5min free repair. Due to the repairs, most likely your spending more time waiting then playing, you get the 1/2 repair during raids. As for my pick on what the repair times should be, I’d say at least 3 hours. Everybody’s entitled to their opinion on that, I feel that 3hrs for the fleets would be fair. Also for the coiners, for the ones that spend their hard earned money on the game. It would cut the cost down to repair, now the thing is. Will that end up hurting the non-coiners of the game? While they wait the 3 hours, the ones coining can be hitting bases like crazy.

Another thing being talked about is the build time for ships. This past raid “Hells Gate” gave us the Hell Hound, which takes 30 days to build. Hell, by the time that’s built it’ll be time for the next raid. I have the Hell Hound, but not building it due to the time it’ll take. In parts will take me a little over a month to finish one. Which would be a waste, considering next raid might have something to counter it. As for where the build time should be, is around 5 or 6 days. Of course as I said earlier everyone has their own opinion on this.

As for this last one, its basically on my thoughts. The fact that now once you hit level 50 you become a farm for players that are level 70 or higher. This is one of the things I’d like to see changed. No not back to the 5 level range as we seen before, possibly 10 level range. The thing that gets me on that is, the 70+ will only hit the 50s which makes it harder for the 50s to grow in the game. They can’t hit back without having the newer stuff. This game use to be where it was rare that such as a level 28 getting into a level 32 base. But now that’s changed. Lower levels don’t have the stuff that a higher level has.

Look, throughout the years playing this game I have meet a lot of good people. If its through battling or helping each other, you and the other learn to love the game more. Kixeye made a game all of us love. But now its time to show Kixeye some tough love. Such as the group on FaceBook is doing, the International Brotherhood of Battle Pirates. Also thanks to F.E.R.N for the support.

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