The Return of Evolution

Although, their a member short. We seen on this past Monday night Raw the return of Evolution. “The King of Kings” Triple H, “The Viper” Randy Orton, & “The Animal” Batista, came to the ring after 12 superstars faced The Shield in a 12 on 3 Handi-cap Tag Team match. Using the power that Triple H now has as the CEO of the company, the Shield was taken down this past Monday night.

Evolution on their way to the ring.

I believe its a good idea since Evolution was all about business. Triple H wants whats best for business and this is whats best for business. The Shield are in for some company, the fact that the CEO of the company can make any number of Superstars come after them as was shown on Raw this past week. The Shield has depended on that Triple Powerbomb, but Evolution sent there own bomb with the Batista Bomb to Seth Rollins.

Batista Bomb to Seth Rollins.

Although, the group isn’t completely together with the exception of the missing “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Evolution is still showing that it is all about business in the WWE.






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