Chris Benoit

Alright, I know the story on Benoit. What happened and everything. But steroids can do that to you. The media might have made it sound planned, but you have the guy act normal then flip? Why? Cause steroids was in his system. And as I see it, which a lot of the fans of the WWE doesn’t want to believe, everybody in the company is on steroids. Look at Superstars like Cena, Triple H, Kane, or even Big Show. That’s how Vince wants it. So the reason why I made this article is to go along the lines of the debate to induct Chris Benoit into the WWE Hall of Fame, and I mean his WWE Career. WWE can try to keep Benoit’s name forgotten. But I still remember him. I was a Benoit fan and if he was still here I’d be cheering for him now. 

I know, I may receive hate for this, but everybody’s entitled to there own opinion of him.



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