My thoughts on the Cena/Rock match at Wrestlemania 28

When this fued started before Wrestlemania 27 I was looking forwarded to it, but they started this fued to early and over hyped it. I was hopen they’d start it around Royal Rumble and bulid upto Wrestlemania 28. But now, I just wont to get it over with. Once I got to thinking about the match, I relized the match really isnt worth the hyped WWE put on it. Either The Rock wins because of his hometown or John Cena wins to keep the kids happy.

John Cena has held up as the face of the company during the PG-13 Era of the company. A win at Wrestlemania will boost his sells 110%, showen the “Superman” Gimmick that John has in the company now. Knock him down, he gets right back up and pulls off a win.

The Rock was one of the top two TV-14, Attitude Era stars, along with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. But, this is a new era in the company, one that doesnt fit The Rock. Plus Rock has gotten into making movies, like there going to let Rock get his “Pretty face” messed up. He was gone for 7 years, after Mania, he’ll just leave again.

Point being, either way the match wont be long. The only way this could be good, is if by some chance they turn Cena heel. Other then that, this match isnt worth the time or hype that WWE has put on it.