Releash of Maryse

WWE has releashed Maryse today. #ThankYouMaryse is trending on Twitter and theres a petitions out to get WWE to give Maryse her job back in the company. Heres the link:

Personally, I dont like this dession by the company. First they releashed Melina, then Gail Kim, and now Maryse. Maryse is one of the best divas WWE had along with Melina & Gail and they deside to releash her? Why? This is pure bullshit by the company, Maryse should stay in the WWE. Theres alot of fans that are gonna sign that petition to get her back in, and I hope it happens. Maryse has also made a page of FaceBook for her fans.

So far 57 people in less then 5 mins have signed the petition.



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