Top 5 Current Favorite WWE Superstars Verison

5. Zack Ryder: Back when Ryder first debuted as an “Edge Head” with Curt Hawkins. But after awhile he grew on me and then they only used him in dark matches and on WWE Superstars. Since Superstars had went online at, I wasnt able to watch it. I’m happy they are using him instead of throwing him to the side like they done to others in the past.

4. Sheamus: Sheamus has showen alot over the past few weeks, rather Sheamus is heel or face he entertains me. This past monday on Raw, the tag match with Randy Orton against Christian & Cody Rhodes. Both teams put on a great match, but I have to say. Watch a tag match closly and you’ll be able to till the winner.

3. John Cena: I first became a fan of Cena’s back in 2000 when he was in OWV as the Prototype. When he first debuted in WWE on the June 27, 2002 edition of SmackDown, he showed the Prototype side. A cuple of weeks after, he droped the Prototype gimmick and picked up the “Chain Gang Soldier” gimmick, which he had a ton of fans from. In 2005 when John was drafted to Raw, they turned him face and soon after, gave him the “Never Give Up Cenation” gimmick for the kids. The reason I’m a fan is because unlike alot of people that use to be Cena fans that hate him now, I dont blame this change on Cena. It was the WWE UnCreative team.

2. R-Truth: Truth’s always been great, face or heel. He puts on a show, the one thing I disagree with is not putting him as the WWE Champion by now. Truth has what it takes to be a great Champion. But WWE wont give him a shot, instead they book him as a tag partner to the Miz, which will drag him down in the end.

1. Randy Orton: “The Legend Killer”, “The Apex Predator”, “The Viper”, a few name Rany has had in his career. I became a fan back when Orton was in Evolution. Randy was trained by his father and grandfather. Randy is one of the greatest superstars WWE has. Randy’s the face of SmackDown like Cena’s the face of Raw.

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