Survivour Series: John Cena and The Rock as a Tag Team?

This past Monday Night on Raw John Laurinaitis said that John Cena and a partner of his choising would face The Miz & R-Truth in a tag team match. Cena picked his Wrestlemania 28 opponet The Rock. This should be a great match, with there match at Wrestlemania 28 to come. How will these two co-exist? Since The Rock cameback to the company before Wrestlemania 27, he started fueding with John Cena, both stars have had the score even with The Rock using the “Rock Bottom” on Cena and Cena using the “Attitude Adjustment” (AA) on Rock. The Survivour Series tag match should be great. What I’m thinking is Rock or Cena will turn on the other either half way though the match or after the match. Either way, this match should be good buliding upto the match at Wrestlemania.

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