Future Stars of the WWE

I desided to write an article on some of the future Superstars of the WWE.

Mason Ryan

Ryan has been bulit to be the next Batista, so expect titles in this mans hands later on his career. Like I said in another article about Ryan, he’s a great superstar for the WWE roster and has showen that since his debut in the company. Though Ryan was hired as a member of the New Nexus, he showed the power and aggression he has, with his return to Monday Night Raw this past Monday night, Ryan made a face turn and turned on both of his partners Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. Ryan was tagged in by Dolph and then attacked Dolph helpping Zack Ryder set Dolph up for the “Rough Ryder”, which gave Ryder the pinfall over the United States Champion for the second time.

Zack Ryder

Zack has a future in the company, he first debuted as one of Edge’s “Edge Heads” with Curt Hawkins. Later on both Zack was being used in house shows and dark matches but never on live events. Then Zack became popular on YouTube though he’s videos. “Ture Island Long Z!” and later brought in the “Internet Championship” which we started seeing Zack on Raw and SmackDown, he was a Co-GM on SmackDown and a wrestler on Raw. Zack beat Michael Cole and over the last two weeks, he’s beat the United States Champion twise. Hopefully, they give him the title and a well deserved run as United States Champion. Zack, is working up the ladder and hopefully will become WWE Champion in the future.



4 responses to “Future Stars of the WWE

  1. I personally think Mason Ryan will be gone before he gets to the top. I also think that Zack Ryder could be at the top in another 5 years. However, “young guys” like Zack will be gone once they turn 30 and are replaced by a 22 year old. It happens a lot.

    In order for Mason to succeed he needs to go over Batista…. because people compare them so much and rightfully so. When Batista came in people chanted Goldberg….

    • Well when he first debuted many people thought Ryan was Batista from his face. He looked kinda like Batista, minus the tatoos, Ryan could be the next Batista. As for Zack, I’d like to see him hold the WWE Championship atleast once before the end of his career.

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