This site is headed toward the ground, the admins dont do shit and the owner of the site supports them. Yet that members that do stuff to help the site get treated like shit, Mikel believes that favortism will keep the site going. What he doesnt get is, favortism isnt the answer. Favortism is one of the things that can kill a site. Over the past few weeks Favortism has played a role on the site and now members are leaving. They’ve went to That Wrestling Universe. Which I am one of those. Mikel and his favorite Dean have been pushing members thinking they’ll stay on the site no matter what. If a member says anything back, then there post is deleted, if its a thread, the the thread is deleted. Thats why I desided to make a blog about it, Mikel cant deleted this. Only me or WordPress can deleted this. Rather if you wont to believe it or not, this is the truth. OWUR is running downhill and its all because of Mikel’s poor judgement. He cant run a site, he expects the other admins to run it for him. But the admins dont get online untill the time he comes on. And then when he desides to logout they logout aswell. This site is going to become WWE Universe 2.0, with all the trolls and spammers. Mikel’s going to get his wish, he wanted the site to be the next WWE Universe. Once that happens, dont complain Mikel, you got what you wanted, you should be happy. As for me, I got off the sinking ship better known as OWUR.


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