The Miz/R-Truth firing storyline

I dont believe for a second that the firings were real. Chris Jericho was fired to return a few years later, John Cena was fired to return the next week. In WWE when you are fired it means that you’ll have a break from in-ring action or the creative team has no use for them. I see both Truth and Miz returnning to the WWE in a month or so, and with those rumors of WWE turnning Miz back in 2010, now would be the time. Bring Miz back as face, as for Truth I like his current gimmick. If they could use that gimmick in a way to get Truth the WWE Championship, then it’d be great. Also, after the two got fired, they attacked Triple H showing it wasnt real. Because, they would’ve been arrested for assult instead of being kicked out of the arena.


6 responses to “The Miz/R-Truth firing storyline

  1. I believe they are genuine!! If you watched tonights Hell In A Cell pay per view 2 referees, cena, del rio, punk and 2 cameramen were assaulted by miz and r truth. the entire locker room was out trying to get the cage open and once opened they were arrested by police with the whole locker room refrained from attacking them. triple h attacked them and was dragged away and restrained as police took truth and miz away. If it turns out to be a storyline then its a damn good one.

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