The Night of Champions Main Event!

The Main Event for WWE Night of Champions was pure Bull Shit. The match started off great and was going great such as CM Punk’s Sucide drop from the top rope thought the annoce table. Triple H throw Punk into a chair that was set up in the coner. It started to suck later on in the match when R-Truth and The Miz desided to attack Triple H and CM Punk, which lead to them attacking the ref. Which the ref pop’d Miz in the jaw. Then John Laurinaitis comes out to “help” Triple H, he calls for another ref, but tells the second ref to check on the first until Punk hits the GTS on Triple H, the ref counts to two before R-Truth pulls Punk off of Triple H, which lead to a GTS to Truth. Then Punk got back into the ring only to have a Pedigree. Punk kicks out at 2, John walks up the ramp texting someone on his phone, which was Kevin Nash. Nash attacked both Punk and Triple H, untill Triple H hit Nash with a Sledge Hammer. Then Triple H pinned Punk, 1…2…3 and won the match.


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