My Top 5 Favorites

This blog is on my Top 10 Favorite WWE & TNA Superstars.

John Cena:

Although I dont like the “Cenation” gimmick, I am a fan of his because he can wrestle. WWE has been holding it back since he became the face of the company in 2005. Cena has proven that he can wrestle, such as his debut match against Kurt Angle, and the matches with CM Punk over the past few months. I watched Cena back when he was in Ohio Vally Wrestling as the Prototype. John’s a great wrestler no matter what others think.

Matt Hardy:

Minus the stuff thats happened over the last few months, Matt is a decent wrestler. He has choise to retire from Wrestling and I support his idea. Although, I’d rather see him in a WWE or TNA ring, I cant.

Jeff Hardy:

I’ve been a fan of Jeff’s since WWF. During the Hardy Boyz, Team Extreme. Jeff has had problems with drugs, but all superstars have tooken drugs. Steriods is a drug and its a drug Vince McMahon pushed on all the stars including Jeff. Jeff returned to TNA this past thursday and asked for one more chance, one more chance to make up for the mistakes, he has done.

Randy Orton:

The 3rd Generation Superstar and the youngest World Champion. Randy was also one of the guys I watched back in OVW. Randy and John use to put on great matches, and just like John, WWE holds Randy back. Randy can indeed wrestle, but WWE hired him for mic skills, just like Cena & Miz.

Stone Cold Steve Austin:

“The Texas Rattlesnake” Stone Cold was the Attitude Era. Stone Cold was on of the best of the company and still is. Whenever Austin appears the crowd goes crazy. Austin is known though many names, such as “The Texas Rattlesnake”, Austin 3:16, The toughest SOB, etc. Austin had great fueds with the McMahons and The Rock.


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