XTOPW 9/12/11

*Promos go off*

J.R: Welcome to XTOPW! I’m here with the King, Jerry Lawler.

King: This is gonna be great! For the first time in XTOPW History two XTOPW Hall of Famers will face eachother in a Number 1 Continder’s Match to go on to face the winner of the McArmstrong and Trooper match for the XTOPW Championship!

J.R: What a night its going to be as our first match of the night is Jerichoholic1 against Alex Comer! These two are great superstars here in XTOPW and both are former World Champions, but one has to think the GM Anti-Christ might play a role in this match. Since Comer and Christ have that bad past with eachother. Also, Jerichoholic1 and Anti-Christ are former Total War members. I say our GM plays a role in tonights match.

*Jerichoholic’s music hits*

*Jerichoholic comes out the ramp as the crowd boos, he then begins toward the ring taunting the crowd, he gets in the ring and waits for Comer to come*

*Comer’s music hits*

*The lights go out, then come back on with Comer in the ring, staring at Jerichoholic1*

Match: The ref calls for the bell, J1 and Comer continue to stare eachother down then Comer starts to laugh at J1. J1 runs at Comer with a clothesline. But Comer reveres it into a Side Effect. Comer gets up laughing at J1 as he’s still on the mat. Comer walks backwards as J1 gets up. J1 gets to his feet and asks Comer if thats the best he’s got. Comer charges at J1 only to recieve a Spin Buster by J1.

J.R: Did you hear that Slam?

Match: J1 trys to go for the Walls only to be stoped by the theme of….

*Chris James comes out to the ramp*

Match: J1 drops Comer’s legs and stares up at the ramp then turns back to a CKO by Anti-Christ. Comer sets their laughing at what Christ did to he brother. Christ hits the CKO on Comer and drags J1 on top of Comer and tells the ref to count. The ref counts 1………2………..Kick Out!

J.R: WOW Comer kicked out.

*Chris James heads to the ring*

*Christ gets out of the ring and grabs a mic, surprised that Comer kicked out after the CKO*
Christ: Comer! Stay Down! You need to learn when to stay down!

*Comer looks at Christ as James attacks J1 in the ring*

Christ: This is just the beginning, next week…will be your last! *Christ drops the mic and heads backstage*

Match: Comer turns to see James attacking J1 and trys to Spear James out of the ring only to be pulled into a Code Breaker by J1. J1 covers Comer, the ref counts 1……2……….3 Ref calls for the bell. J1 gets up from the mat only to be knocked down by James again. James stomps on J1 then stops and leaves the ring. James heads backstage.


*We return from break to see Anti-Christ and Jerichoholic1 talking in Christ’s office*

J1: What the hell was that!?

Christ: What part? The CKO or James kicking your ass?

J1: All of it!

Christ: Well the CKO was well deserved, you know that. As for James, why should I know? He could be getting payback for you attacking him a cuple of weeks back. Remember?

J1: You still think that I care what James wants to do? As for that CKO, ha..you’ll pay for that, just wait.

*Jerichoholic leaves as we return to the ring*

King: Well Brothers are going at it backstage, but its time for our next match.

*Timothy McArmstrong’s music hits*

*Timothy comes to the ring as the crowd cheers him, he gets in the ring and waits for his oppent*

*Trooper’s music hits*

*Trooper walks to the ring as the crowd boos him, he gets in the ring simling at Timothy*

Match: Ref calls for the bell. Andrew & Timothy lock up in the center of the ring, Timothy turns it into a head lock and slams Andrew to the mat. Timothy lets go and goes straight for the pin. Ref counts 1…..kick out. Andrew quickly gets up and irish wipes Timothy into the coner. Andrew sets Timothy on the top rope and climbs to the second rope. Andrew sets Timothy up for a suplex, but Timothy counter by knock Andrew’s head on the turnbuckle. Timothy pushes Andrew on to the mat, then climbs to the top rope. Timothy goes for a elbow drop but Andrew lefts his knees. Timothy lays on the mat holding his elbow. Andrew gets to his feet, Andrew sets Timothy up for the Shore Wave (Pele Kick), Timothy dodges and turns it into a Timothy Time (Skull Crushing Finale), Timothy goes for the pin. Ref counts 1……..2……3.

J.R: Here’s your winner Timothy McArmstrong!

King: what a great match, now he’ll be going on to face Jerichoholic1 for the XTOPW World Championship next week!


*CM Banks music hits*

*Banks walks to the ring as the crowd cheers, he gets in the ring and stares at the ramp*

*Chris James comes out the ramp, he starts down the ramp as Jerichoholic attacks him from behind* *Jerichoholic picks James up and throws him into the ring*

Match: Ref calls for the bell. Banks picks James up and hits a superkick on James. Then Banks goes for Dragon Tamer(Walls of Jericho), then goes for the pin. Ref counts 1……….2……..3

J.R: Winner CM Banks!

King: Seems Jerichoholic got some payback on Chris James from earlier tonight.

*End Show*


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