Matt Hardy Retires from Pro Wrestling

Less then a week ago former WWE & TNA Star Matt Hardy made a YouTube video entitled “Goodbye”, the first thing that came to mind from the people that watched the video was suicide. The next day he made another video saying he was ok, the following day Matt made another video explainning that the “Goodbye” video was to never be taken as a suicide video. Matt went on to explain that it was to end his Wrestling career.

Personaly as a fan of Matt’s, I dont won’t to see him leave. But it isnt my desion, its his. I wish Matt luck in the future. As for Matt’s retirement, there have been talk or Matt’s brother Jeff Hardy to retire soon aswell. I grew up watching both of the Hardy Boyz, and just like Matt, I dont won’t to see Jeff leave. But best of luck to both with future plans. Jeff returns to TNA next week, will he talk about Matt’s retirement?

You can keep up with Matt Hardy on his YouTube accout at



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