Future Stars of the WWE

I desided to write an article on some of the future Superstars of the WWE.

Mason Ryan

Ryan has been bulit to be the next Batista, so expect titles in this mans hands later on his career. Like I said in another article about Ryan, he’s a great superstar for the WWE roster and has showen that since his debut in the company. Though Ryan was hired as a member of the New Nexus, he showed the power and aggression he has, with his return to Monday Night Raw this past Monday night, Ryan made a face turn and turned on both of his partners Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. Ryan was tagged in by Dolph and then attacked Dolph helpping Zack Ryder set Dolph up for the “Rough Ryder”, which gave Ryder the pinfall over the United States Champion for the second time.

Zack Ryder

Zack has a future in the company, he first debuted as one of Edge’s “Edge Heads” with Curt Hawkins. Later on both Zack was being used in house shows and dark matches but never on live events. Then Zack became popular on YouTube though he’s videos. “Ture Island Long Z!” and later brought in the “Internet Championship” which we started seeing Zack on Raw and SmackDown, he was a Co-GM on SmackDown and a wrestler on Raw. Zack beat Michael Cole and over the last two weeks, he’s beat the United States Champion twise. Hopefully, they give him the title and a well deserved run as United States Champion. Zack, is working up the ladder and hopefully will become WWE Champion in the future.



Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan started out in the WWE has a member of the New Nexus with CM Punk, David Otunga, Husky Harris, & Michael McGillicutty. Ryan debuted on 1/17/11 by attacking CM Punk & John Cena.

Later on we found out that Ryan had joined the New Nexus prior to he’s debut. Thus the reason Punk allowed Ryan to kick him in the skull. Ryan is bulit to be somewhat a second verison of the “Animal” Dave Batistia with left the company the Raw after Wrestliemania 25 for MMA. Ryan was injuried during the Randy Orton/CM Punk fued, in which Ryan was punted in the skull. Ryan returned to Superstars this past on 8/9/11.

Ryan had a great return match, and turned face as seen on Monday Night Raw this past Monday when he turned on his partners Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger in a tag match agains Air-Boom and Zack Ryder. Ryan is one of the companys future stars. Ryan is in the line with Superstars like Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Ted Dibiase J.r, & Cody Rhodes. Also, Ryan’s new theme fits him.


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Chavo Guerrero

To me it seems that Chavo hasnt been on WWE in awhile. You rarly see him anymore. Ever since Eddie passed WWE hasnt been been using Chavo well. Chavo comes from a great wrestling family, but WWE doesnt use him right. I think Chavo’s better off joinning TNA. Chavo’s a great WWE Superstar, but the last time he was in a fued was what 2008 and with Hornswoggle? I hope that WWE starts using him right instead of wasting talent.

I believe they could team him up with someone on the roster or atleast bring back the Cruiserweight Championship. But instead WWE is going to continue to hold Chavo back.

The Miz/R-Truth firing storyline

I dont believe for a second that the firings were real. Chris Jericho was fired to return a few years later, John Cena was fired to return the next week. In WWE when you are fired it means that you’ll have a break from in-ring action or the creative team has no use for them. I see both Truth and Miz returnning to the WWE in a month or so, and with those rumors of WWE turnning Miz back in 2010, now would be the time. Bring Miz back as face, as for Truth I like his current gimmick. If they could use that gimmick in a way to get Truth the WWE Championship, then it’d be great. Also, after the two got fired, they attacked Triple H showing it wasnt real. Because, they would’ve been arrested for assult instead of being kicked out of the arena.

WWE Raw Main Event, Triple H’s firing segment, and more

CM Punk and John Cena teamed up to face “Awesome Truth” The Miz & R-Truth. Although, Triple H annoced that Alberto Del Rio will face John Cena amd CM Punk in three weeks at the Hell in a Cell Pay Per View in a Triple Threat Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship. As for the tag match on Raw, though most of the match Miz and Truth donimated Cena. When Cena got the tag on Punk, Punk ended up winning the match. Following the match, Triple H came out and said great match to all for men, then said “Miz, Truth you fired” then walked backstage. Soon after Hunter was attacked from behind by both Miz and Truth, the WWE Superstars pulled Miz and Truth of and kicked them out of the building.

Mark Henry’s Interview:

Mark has been on a rampage over the last few months, after winning the World title from Randy Orton at Night of Champions, Jim Ross interviewed Mark on Raw. Mark said that the WWE Universe should apoligize to him for not supporting him over the last 15 years in the company. Mark was about to induct Jim Ross in the “Hall of Pain” untill Jerry Lawler interfered, which lead to Jerry joinning instead, Henry World Strongest Slam on Jerry. Henry also World Strongest Slam’d Jerry though the annoce table, before heading back stage.

SmackDown GM Teddy Long told J.R that Mark Henry will face Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell in a Hell in a Cell match for the World title.

The Night of Champions Main Event!

The Main Event for WWE Night of Champions was pure Bull Shit. The match started off great and was going great such as CM Punk’s Sucide drop from the top rope thought the annoce table. Triple H throw Punk into a chair that was set up in the coner. It started to suck later on in the match when R-Truth and The Miz desided to attack Triple H and CM Punk, which lead to them attacking the ref. Which the ref pop’d Miz in the jaw. Then John Laurinaitis comes out to “help” Triple H, he calls for another ref, but tells the second ref to check on the first until Punk hits the GTS on Triple H, the ref counts to two before R-Truth pulls Punk off of Triple H, which lead to a GTS to Truth. Then Punk got back into the ring only to have a Pedigree. Punk kicks out at 2, John walks up the ramp texting someone on his phone, which was Kevin Nash. Nash attacked both Punk and Triple H, untill Triple H hit Nash with a Sledge Hammer. Then Triple H pinned Punk, 1…2…3 and won the match.