A few things I hate about the IWC

The IWC changes their minds about a Superstar or Diva after something WWE Creative does, the IWC blames the Superstar or Diva when it was the Creative teams idea. Take John Cena, everybody loved the old rapper Cena, but the min the WWE Creative made him face, the IWC turned and started hating him. Saying he can’t wrestle, but yet they cheered him as a heel? The IWC is made up in my opion a bunch of parasites, I grew up watching WWF with my dad and he said, once you pick your favorite, stick with him untill the end. I picked Stone Cold Steve Austin, why? The toughest SOB in the company. The guy was a machine, I remember seeing WWF liveone time, just to see a match with him in it. Now WWF is gone and we live in the PG-13 Era. The IWC cannot adapt, they hate the PG rating, well we cant do shit about it. Thats the WWE desion, not ours. If you dont like it, stop watching. Just quiet.


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