John Cena

Thoughout the IWC you hear people say that Cena can’t wrestle. That Cena got a major push since his Debut. Dont believe what they say, why? Heres the turth about Cena, a few things will be brought up, his storyline, character, etc. Believe it or not I’m a Cena fan. Altough I like the old rapper gimmick, I dont turn like most fans do. I’ll prove all the people that where fans of his in 2002-2005 wroung.


John Cena’s Wrestling:
You hear people thoughout the IWC that Cena can’t wrestle. Although Cena can, his debut match against Kurt Angle he showed up all that he could. Thoughout his time in WWE the creative team has limit him to 5 moves, which the IWC has named the 5 Moves of Doom. His matches with CM Punk at Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View and Summer Slam 2011 he’s turned a few heads. Over the last few months Cena has showed the IWC that he can wrestle, rather if they want to admit it or not they know he can indeed wrestle.


John Cena’s Push:
Cena didnt get a major push, he won the title in 2005 at Wrestlemania 21, he won the United States Championship in 2004. If you want to talk about someone that got a major push, look at Sheamus, he won his first WWE Championship two months into his WWE career, it took Cena 3 years to win the WWE Championship, I dont see how thats a major push. Sheamus had a major push, as for Cena, he had a decent push compaired to others.

John Cena’s Storyline:
Cena’s current storyline with Alberto Del Rio is pretty much due to the results of Summer Slam, Cena was basically screwed by Triple H during the match against CM Punk. Cena’s foot was on the rope as the three count was under way. After the match, Kevin Nash comes out of the crowed and attacks CM Punk leading to Alberto Del Rio cashing in Money in the Bank case on Punk, the next night on Monday Night Raw, after Del Rio and Rey Mysterio match, Alberto Del Rio uses the Cross Arm Breaker trying to break Rey’s arm, Cena charges to the ring and attacks Del Rio. Del Rio gets out of the ring and Cena grabs a mic and basically says that Del Rio isnt right to be Champion, says he didnt earn and that it makes the title pointless. Cena said that Punk earned the right to be called WWE Champion, but Del Rio didnt.


John Cena’s Character:
Cena’s character is related to the PG Era as Superman, by which the IWC has given him the name “SuperCena”. Cena’s current character has him where you think you have him down for the count and then out of no where and win the match. That isnt Cena’s fault, thats how WWE uses him. The IWC like to blame Cena for everything the WWE does, which is crap. Cena isnt the blame, its the WWE Creative Teams idea.

John Cena mainly gets hate thoughout the IWC from kids and fan girls, but that happens with alot of Superstars, also Cena being the face of the company also is a reason he recives hate. But Cena has said that it doesnt matter if you cheer or boo him, he’s in the company to entertain you. Cena goes out to that ring, every Raw, every PPV to entertain the WWE fans, cheer him, boo him. Its your choise. You can be a fan or not, just dont make up things because you hate him or “dislike”. Cena is there to entertain like all the other Superstars and Divas.


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