What got me started

The thing that got me started in writing blogs was reading them on WWE Universe. There were bloggers like McMahon 101 which won the 2008 Blogger of the Year award in 2008.  Shortly after 08, I started and online wrestling company where I wrote shows, in a matter of weeks I meet the AM Punk, he showed me TFC-The Fans Company. As I was in TFC I meet a few other bloggers such as The Black Terminator, CBM, and Devon aka The Joker. In late 09, McMahon 101 challenged me & Black Terminator to see who can get the most comments on one blog. I ended up in second.

Now you see Bloggers that write a 5 star blog or higher. Let thank all the writers out there, this is what they do and its what I do. I’ve seen people say its easy to get a 5 star blog, heres the thing, some writers can, others want to, but writers are writing because they love doing this. The reason I write is cause I love to do it, I also write reviews cause I know people that are WWE Fans, that can’t see the show on TV. Anyways, I have to say Thanks to McMahon 101 for this.


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