Calling Out the Stars Edition 3

Last week I posted about CM Punk, Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho. This week I’m doing Triple H, The Rock, & Hulk Hogan.

Triple H: Though the years Humter has been a great superstar for the WWE/F, but Hunter has also grown an ego from it. Marrying Stephane McMahon pushed Triple H over. The 13 time Champion has made himself the ref for the John Cena, CM Punk match at Summer Slam. Bothe Punk & Cena agree its out of Hunter’s ego. Which I agree with, everybody might be thinking that this match favors John Cena. But to me it favors CM Punk. I see Hunter turnning heel at Summer Slam, that would light a fire under Vince McMahon. Hunter would fued with Vince to see who gets control of WWE. While Punk and Cena continue.

The Rock: One of WWE’s Greats, I really dont see the match against Cena at Mania worth the wait. Rock’s into movies now, so the match is pointless, Rock cant get banged up and Cena isnt gonna lose. So the match will be short.

Hulk Hogan: One of TNA’s Immortal leaders. The original superhero in Vince’s mind. I can admitt I was a Hulkamanic back when WWF was alive. But after WWF I lost any care I had for him. He became boring, and still is boring on TNA. Terry just needs to retire instead of tryin to relive the spotlight. He’s to old to compete.


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