The Storyline between CM Punk & John Cena

The storyline between John Cena and CM Punk has keeped fans on the edge of their seats to see who will win. Weeks before Money in the Bank last month, CM Punk said the truth about Cena, even went far enough to call out the McMahons. Vince suspended CM Punk for that. But at Money in the Bank, CM Punk did what everybody thought was impossible, he beat John Cena for the WWE Championship in one of WWE’s Greatest Matches. CM Punk held his own against the WWE Champion John Cena and came out with a victory over the former champ.

The next night on Raw, Vince McMahon made a tournetment to crown a new WWE Championship. He was also going to fire John Cena, as Vince was about to fire Cena, “The Game” Triple H came out and gave Vince some news that he didnt want to hear. Vince McMahon was fired from his Son-n-law Triple H. At the end of the night we learned that Triple H would be taken over the WWE.

The Raw following had Rey Mysterio win the WWE Championship, only to defend it later in the night against John Cena. John Cena did beat Mysterio for the title. After the match, the original WWE Champion came out with the real WWE Championship. CM Punk came out with a new theme, and got in the ring with Cena. Cena held up his title but Punk held his higher.

Then Triple H annoced that at Summer Slam John Cena will face CM Punk to find out who the Undiputed WWE Champion is. Last night on Raw, Triple H put himself as the ref of the match. Both Punk and Cena agreed it was out of ego that Hunter named himself the ref. Later on in the night, during the contract signning, Punk stated “I thought we were here to entertain, not talk” “The last time we had one of these contracts signnings, doesnt it end with someone hurt? Why dont we go ahead and start the entertainment” After signning Cena told Punk he need this match, Cena said win or lose I still have the match with The Rock at Wrestlemania. By the end of the night, Cena got up and said lets do some entertainment, pushed his chair back, put his belt on the ground, Punk did the same and flipped the table. Hunters friend got inbetween them and backed Punk off, Punk swung at Cena, Cena went after Punk, and Hunter held Cena back, Punk kicked the guy in the head and pointed at Cena, Cena knocked Hunter down, Punk got out of the ring. Cena & Hunter started agruing while Punk was on the outside.

My Thoughts:

1. Either Cena or Hunter turns heel at SS.

2. Punk wins by fair.






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