Micheal Cole

Each and everyweek on bothe Raw and SmackDown, the fans have to hear Micheal Cole bitch. When will he every shut up? Cole to me is a coward, thoughout most of the pointless fued with Jerry Lawler, Cole depended on Jack Swagger. its sad that WWE wasted a talent like Swagger on Cole. The fued/storyline should have never happened, Cole can’t wrestle thats the whole reason Swagger was there.

The months headed into Wrestlemania 27 was the monthes Cole got an ego, he beat two WWE Hall of Famers with the help of Swagger, then at Wrestlemania 27 Cole beat Lawler thanks to the Raw GM. Now everybody can tell that Cole is star struck from Mania. Cole thinks he’s 1-0 streak at mania is big? Check the Undertaker’s 19-0 Streak at the Event.

After Mania, Cole had a match with Lawler at another WWE Pay-Per-View in a “Kiss My Foot” match. Cole got the idea from Bret Hart vs. The King in that same type of match in WWF. Cole got he’s ego sky high and ended up losing to Lawler by the same way Cole won his matches, Cole cheated in his matches using Swagger…well Lawler had help from Bret Hart and Eve Torris.

Now Cole is on both Raw and SmackDown? Why doesnt WWE do us all a favor and fire Cole? Get him off the air, nobody in their right mind cares about him.  Cole is WWE’s tool, Cole vs. Ryder a cuple of weeks back, Ryder beat Cole within 2/3 top. Cole has to be the weakest guy in the WWE ever.


5 responses to “Micheal Cole

    • I’m with you. My only problem with Cole though is that sometime his character takes away from what’s going on in the ring and it can become annoying. He always seems to talk at the WRONG times. However, sometimes there are a few flashs of brilliance.

      I just think that he needs to relax a bit and not try so hard, as his character tend to come off as forced at times.

      • Well he’s on both shows, why not just leave him on SmackDown? How it seems, he’s starting stuff with JR on Raw which could lead to another pointless fued in WWE. Which there is no need for. Cole should never be in a WWE Ring or any ring for that matter.

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