E-War better ASWF & OWUR

This whole E-War crap is pointless. The forums are for wrestling not sayin ones better. The All Stars are a group of Diva posters, I respect that. But this is sad, to sites that have one thing in common are fighting? Wrestling forums are meant to talk about wrestling, not fight. I’ve been apart of both, still have an account on both. But day in, day out I see members bashing the other site. That isnt gonna end this, its gonna puch to go on more. And by the time anybody relizes it, it’d be to late. Both sites will end like WWEU & TNAG, 7x & PWE. Dont believe me? Keep it up, be an idiot, when the site your on dies…then its your fault. Also going to the other forum to spam? Thats childish. Pick a site and stay on it, why be worried what the other one is doing? I swear some members on both are idiots. Like the Bills vs. TAB the other day on the OWUR chat. Bills won a Trivia, who cares? CB being a stupid 12 year old on the chat, really? Its the internet people, who cares? The IWC use to be great, but ever since these Kids started coming…WWEU was better off dead. All I’m sayin is stop the stupid shit and get back to talkin about Wrestling, thats what these sites were made for.

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