5 things I’d change about WWE if I was in charge

Here’s a list of 5 things I’d change about WWE.

5. The rating is currently PG-13 and the creative team sucks, I’d bring back the TV-14 era and see wht the creative team can do, if they cant handle it then I’d fire them and hire a new team.

4. Tag Team Divison would step up. The current Divison basicly sucks and needs improving. I’d change the titles back to the WWE Tag Team Championships and the World Tag Team Championships. No more Unified Tag titles.

3. I’d fire Micheal Cole. He’s basicly a tool in WWE. Why? The fued with Lawler shouldve never happened and it was pointless to try it. Coles still star struck from beaten Lawler at Mania 27, but Cole claims his has a big undefeated streak at the event, wroung again. Cole is 1-0 at the event, but the Undertaker is 19-0 at Mania.

2. The Divas would go back to the Lumber Jill, Strip, pillow fights type matches we seen in World Wrestling Federation or WWF for short. Not only that, I’d hire Divas that can wrestle and not for looks.

1. Use the Superstars and Divas right. Thats a big problem in todays WWE. Such stars like Primo, Zack Ryder, and others that have talent are being mis used or forgotten abou.


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