Calling Out The Stars Edition 2

Last week I posted my opions about WWE Superstars The Miz, John Cena, & R-Truth. This week I’m doing CM Punk, Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho. So I’ll start with CM Punk.


CM Punk: CM Punk is one Raw’s current WWE Champions. He won the WWE Championship from John Cena in one of the companys greatest matches at the MITB PPV. Buliding up to the event, Punk said that it’d be his first Money in the Bank PPV and also the night he leaves with the company. Punk planed to leave with the title, which he did. But Punk showed up two weeks later on Raw. And as we heard this past monday, CM Punk has re-signed with WWE. Also on Raw, Triple H stated that since both men are WWE Champions, they will face at Summer Slam for the Undiputed WWE Championship. Which is a first in the company. I see John Cena winning the match due to being the face of the company. But I’m hopping Punk pulls off a win once again on Cena. Its to early to have Punk lose the title to Cena or anyone. Lets see how his run as Champion is before they do anything like that.

Jeff Hardy: Jeff Nero Hardy is known as the Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling. Even though he has had a durg problem, that doesnt take anything away from his wrestling. His current gimmick fits him, as a member of TNA’s Immortal. Jeff has brought a new style to the title. Champions can change the appearence of the titles they hold. Most champions dont, thats there chose. Jeff created the Immortal World Championship better known as the TNA World Championship. Jeff has been in jail for the past 6 months for drugs. He’s out now and is sober. Jeff is to return to Impact Wrestling in the fall 2011. I’m a fan of Jeff’s, minus the drugs Jeff is a great high flyer and one of the best from both WWE & TNA.

Chris Jericho: Chris Jericho, “Y2J”, “Best in the World at what he does”, Jericho is one of the greatest WWF/E stars in the bussiness. Rumor of his WWE return is in 2012. Jericho is one of those guys that you like if he’s face or heel. Jericho in my opion isnt anything different from all of us. Jericho worked his ass off in the company to get where he is now, we all work as hard as we do in any job to get where we want. Jericho has done stuff that people call “Cheating to the top” when in reality, the WWE Creative team are the ones to blame.


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