WWE Night of Champions thoughts Part 1

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio WWE Championship

I see John Cena winning, reason because Cena got screwed in the match against CM Punk at Summer Slam. Cena had he’s foot on the rope during the 3 count by Triple H. The only way I see Del Rio winning is due to Ricardo interference. But hopefully they dont turn Alberto into another Miz title run. Cause the Miz title run sucked, it was predictible, you always knew that Riley would be involved in some way, which he was. If Del Rio is to be used as the next Miz, then he’s better off losing the title at Night of Champions.

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry World Heavyweight Championship

I’m pulling for Randy, WWE has always liked to keep one of the main champions heel and one face, but they have had two faces as Champion also. I also see Sheamus interfering and cost Henry the championship. Since Henry injuried Sheamus, and Sheamus attacked Henry on this past Raw. I see that he isnt done with Henry and will attacking him at Night of Champions to continue this storyline. Randy with continue with Christian.

Triple H vs. CM Punk

Now that Triple H changed the match of Punk vs. Nash to himself against Punk, I see Nash somehow playing a part in this. Since Nash and Hunter got into it on Raw, Nash now has problems with both Punk and Hunter. As for my pick on this match, I pick Triple H. Due to his past, Hunter may have Nash interfere to help him win. Punk will continue to fued with Nash.


A few things I hate about the IWC

The IWC changes their minds about a Superstar or Diva after something WWE Creative does, the IWC blames the Superstar or Diva when it was the Creative teams idea. Take John Cena, everybody loved the old rapper Cena, but the min the WWE Creative made him face, the IWC turned and started hating him. Saying he can’t wrestle, but yet they cheered him as a heel? The IWC is made up in my opion a bunch of parasites, I grew up watching WWF with my dad and he said, once you pick your favorite, stick with him untill the end. I picked Stone Cold Steve Austin, why? The toughest SOB in the company. The guy was a machine, I remember seeing WWF liveone time, just to see a match with him in it. Now WWF is gone and we live in the PG-13 Era. The IWC cannot adapt, they hate the PG rating, well we cant do shit about it. Thats the WWE desion, not ours. If you dont like it, stop watching. Just quiet.

John Cena

Thoughout the IWC you hear people say that Cena can’t wrestle. That Cena got a major push since his Debut. Dont believe what they say, why? Heres the turth about Cena, a few things will be brought up, his storyline, character, etc. Believe it or not I’m a Cena fan. Altough I like the old rapper gimmick, I dont turn like most fans do. I’ll prove all the people that where fans of his in 2002-2005 wroung.


John Cena’s Wrestling:
You hear people thoughout the IWC that Cena can’t wrestle. Although Cena can, his debut match against Kurt Angle he showed up all that he could. Thoughout his time in WWE the creative team has limit him to 5 moves, which the IWC has named the 5 Moves of Doom. His matches with CM Punk at Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View and Summer Slam 2011 he’s turned a few heads. Over the last few months Cena has showed the IWC that he can wrestle, rather if they want to admit it or not they know he can indeed wrestle.


John Cena’s Push:
Cena didnt get a major push, he won the title in 2005 at Wrestlemania 21, he won the United States Championship in 2004. If you want to talk about someone that got a major push, look at Sheamus, he won his first WWE Championship two months into his WWE career, it took Cena 3 years to win the WWE Championship, I dont see how thats a major push. Sheamus had a major push, as for Cena, he had a decent push compaired to others.

John Cena’s Storyline:
Cena’s current storyline with Alberto Del Rio is pretty much due to the results of Summer Slam, Cena was basically screwed by Triple H during the match against CM Punk. Cena’s foot was on the rope as the three count was under way. After the match, Kevin Nash comes out of the crowed and attacks CM Punk leading to Alberto Del Rio cashing in Money in the Bank case on Punk, the next night on Monday Night Raw, after Del Rio and Rey Mysterio match, Alberto Del Rio uses the Cross Arm Breaker trying to break Rey’s arm, Cena charges to the ring and attacks Del Rio. Del Rio gets out of the ring and Cena grabs a mic and basically says that Del Rio isnt right to be Champion, says he didnt earn and that it makes the title pointless. Cena said that Punk earned the right to be called WWE Champion, but Del Rio didnt.


John Cena’s Character:
Cena’s character is related to the PG Era as Superman, by which the IWC has given him the name “SuperCena”. Cena’s current character has him where you think you have him down for the count and then out of no where and win the match. That isnt Cena’s fault, thats how WWE uses him. The IWC like to blame Cena for everything the WWE does, which is crap. Cena isnt the blame, its the WWE Creative Teams idea.

John Cena mainly gets hate thoughout the IWC from kids and fan girls, but that happens with alot of Superstars, also Cena being the face of the company also is a reason he recives hate. But Cena has said that it doesnt matter if you cheer or boo him, he’s in the company to entertain you. Cena goes out to that ring, every Raw, every PPV to entertain the WWE fans, cheer him, boo him. Its your choise. You can be a fan or not, just dont make up things because you hate him or “dislike”. Cena is there to entertain like all the other Superstars and Divas.

CM Punk/Kevin Nash fued?

After the attack at Summer Slam, many think Triple H had Nash attack Punk for Punks doing over the last few months. What people are leaving out, “The Million Dollar Princess” Stephane McMahon loves to keep her dady Vince McMahon happy. So I’m saying Stephane sent the text to Nash during the Summer Slam event.

Nash explained why he attacked Punk at Summer Slam on Raw Monday night. Nash explained that he got a text from who he thought was Triple H telling him to “Stick” whoever won the WWE Championship match between CM Punk and John Cena. He goes on to say that when he showed up on Raw, Triple H didnt know anything about it. CM Punk come out and basically calls Nash a lair and wants to fight. As Punk heads toward the ring, secuirty lines up, not given him acess to the ring. Punk said “So the CEO has his running buddy untochable, maybe I should go talk to Triple H about this”.

I see a great fued starting between this two, but I wouldnt mind seeing a Triple Threat match between Alberto Del Rio, John Cena, & CM Punk for the WWE Championship. Since both Cena & Punk was screwed at Summer Slam. Cena was screwed by Triple H due to his foot being on the rope during the three count, Punk was screwed by Nash attacking him then Alberto Del Rio cashing in the Money in the Bank case. I dont expect to see the match till after the Punk/Nash fued is over, this fued should be great, or atleast we can hope. WWE Creative better keep this fued great.

Kevin Nash

Its great to see “Big Daddy Cool” back in a WWE Ring, but the creative team sticking him with a jobber like Alberto Del Rio? Really? The only way WWE has a chance of fixing the mistake is by having Nash beat the hell out of Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio winning the WWE Championship is a complete joke. Expect his run as Champion to be excatly like Miz’s, Predictible, its gonna make you change the channel everytime he’s on the screen, they’re better off given Hornswoggle the title now.

WWE Summer Slam 2011

WWE Summer Slam results and Opions:

Rey Mysterio, John Morrison & Kofi Kingston Beat R-Truth, Alberto Del Rio & The Miz at SummerSlam. To me, Truth’s team shouldve won.

Kelly Kelly vs. Beth, I seen Kelly wing, she isnt gonna lose the title that soon. But, Maryse needs to win it. Instead of giving it back to the Bellas.

Wade Barrett beats Daniel Bryan. It was a great match to see between the two. Not one of my favorite matches, but its up there.

Edge/Christian Segment. Edge basically turned his back on Christian when he desided to be in Randy Orton’s conor for the match.

Randy Orton defeats Christian for the World title, to me this match was short. Its still a screw job that Christian can’t have one good run as Champion.

CM Punk beats John Cena, basically John Cena got screwed. His foot was on the rope and I hope they bring this up on Raw. Agter the match, I was thing Cena might actully go heel and attack both Triple H & CM Punk, but instead he just left. CM Punk was attacked by “Big Daddy Disel” Kevin Nash, which lead to Alberto Del Rio cashing in to win the WWE Championship.

I give this PPV a 3 out of 5, at the end of the night, 2 guys were screwed.

Chris Benoit, WWE Hall of Fame?

Should Benoit be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? To me yes, Benoit was a great Superstar in the company. And what happened to him was due to Vince McMahon’s “Bigger Superstars” thing. Vince pushed everybody to do steriods. What Benoit did to his wife and son wasnt good, but since when did WWE care what the Superstars did outside the ring? Everybodys running around blaming Benoit for what happened, but if it was wasnt for Vnice McMahon pushing for bigger stars, it would have never happened.  I understand that it did, but this couldve happened to any of those Superstars, but it happened to Chris. R.I.P Chris