Calling Out The Stars

I be doing blogs on WWE Superstars current gimmicks. In this one, I’ll have 3 Superstars named. Those are John Cena, R-Truth, & The Miz.

I’ll start with John Cena:

John Cena: Cena’s character is a role model for kids. He first became a rodel in 2005 after he came to Monday Night Raw from the draft. Cena has connected to the kids over the years. Personally, I hate the gimmick. I’d rather have the old “Chain Gang” gimmick back. Since his debut in 2002, all the way to 2005 John used the Chain Gang gimmick, rapping Superstars such as The Undertaker & Kurt Angle. Cena has gained a name from the IWC for how WWE uses Cena. And that name is “SuperCena”. Although that does fit with the PG rating WWE uses now. We all seen what Cena can do thoughout his past with the company. As face Cena sucks, its a fact. But as heel, he’s great.

R-Truth: Truth’s current gimmick is like a crazy guy that believes everybody is against him. Truth believes the only way to get people on his side is by winning the WWE Championship. He’s even went out and named the John Cena fans and John Cena. He calls the fans “Little Jimmys” and John “Big Jimmy”. WWE couldve done more with his character, like having Truth attack Cena backstage, but instead they have him attack his former Tag partner John Morrison. Now I see this storyline going to far before something good happens. By the time anythings happen, nobody would care.

The Miz: The Miz is still star struck from holding the WWE Championship. Now that Riley has turned his back on Miz, Riley will do great and Miz doesnt have a “pal” to help him in matches. During the fued between Miz and Orton, Miz was scared of Orton. He wouldnt even get in the ring with him. Miz has that cocky “I’m better then you” gimmick. But Miz has also proven that he isnt as good as he wants people to think. Miz is known as the “Most See Champion”, there’s the thing. Miz isnt Champion…and the only reason that was ever thought of is cause WWE pushed him to soon. Miz needs more challenges before even tryin for the title again. Now look at Miz, he’s facing a rookie and has droped from the Main Event. He’s no longer a Main Eventer and has become a Mid-Carder where he started.


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