Raw 7/18/11 Vince, Hunter, & John segment

We seen on Raw when Vince was about to “fire” John Cena, Triple H (Hunter) came out and told Vince that he was basically fired. And that he was taking over the company. How this storylined is angled, Hunter takes over the company while Vince sits at home. I for one think that Vince still has control over the WWE and Hunter is the GM of Raw. I dont see Hunter taking over the WWE untill Vince McMahon’s acturl death. Which would take a big impact on the Universe and WWE Roster. Their have been rumors that Hunter would take over the company. And I support the idea of handing the company to Hunter. But I dont see it happenning so soon, so I see somehow Hunter only becoming the Raw GM for now.


As for Vince to show that he has control over the company, I’d say he’ll come back and try to “fire” Cena once again. Vince will claim the Board of Directors hired him back or changed there mind. I’d like by the end of this storyline, Cena turns heel.


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