WWE Raw 7/11/2011 Review

John Cena vs. The New Nexus in a 2 on 1 Handi-Cap

Minus the fact everybody knew Cena was going to win the match, it was a great match. I’m surpirsed that it took aslong as it did for Cena to bounce back and make a win. I give the match a 3 out of 5.

Melina vs Kelly Kelly

I dont watch the Diva matchs much anymore. But the match seemed short to me and I believe that Melina shouldve won the match instead of Kelly.

Bellas/Kelly & Eve segment

Brie & Nikki making fun of Kelly by calling her fat seems the same way they did to Kharma. I’m not a big of the 4. But Brie & Nikki have become great heels, better then when their face. As soon as Kelly jumped on Brie I knew that someone would help Kelly which turned out to be Eve. The only thing I think about Eve helpping Kelly is to get close to the Divas Championship. Of course Eve is only going to help Kelly to get close to that title.

The Money in the Bank 6-Man tag match

It was a great match, but sadly ended when Alberto Del Rio came to the ring and attacked his Money in the Bank Oppents. I dont blame ADR…he made an impact showen that his ready for the PPV. I say that either Evan Bourne or R-Truth walks out as the Money in the Bank Raw winner.

CM Punk/McMahon/John Cena segment

I have to say that Punk has gotten my attention in the last few weeks with the fued against Cena. And this past night on Raw Punk get McMahon to say sorry on TV. Its rare that you see the boss say sorry to anyone. McMahon and Punk was a great segment on Raw and then Cena comes out. Cena talking smack about Vince was funny for the kids. But everybody thought Cena would be the last to step up to Vince. But no, Cena showed on Raw that he’d stand up to Vince 2 weeks in a row. But as the show was ending, CM Punk cut a great promo about Boston, about leaving as WWE Champion and this time, they didnt cut his mic off. But Punk also riped up the contract that Vince and him signed for another run in the WWE instead of leaving.


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