CM Punk

2 weeks ago on Raw CM Punk went out of the PG-13 ratings and attacked the McMahon family, not physicaly but emotionly. Vince McMahon suspended him for it and last week on Raw John Cena called Mr. McMahon out about it.

John threatin to walk out of the WWE due to Vince not wanting Punk back in the company. John handed the WWE Championship to McMahon and started to head backstage when Vince said that Punk was hired back, but if Cena lost the title match at Money in the Bank, the Vince would personaly fire Cena.

I for one dont see Cena losing the title to Punk at Money in the Bank. I know its Punk’s last night and he should hold the title. But WWE gave away the winner two times during this storyline.

1. Back when Punk told the Universe on a live Raw that the Money in the Bank PPV would be his last, he said he’d leave as Champion. WWE isnt going to let him leave as Champion.

2. Last week on Raw, when Vince said he’d fire Cena if Cena lost. That shows that Cena’s winning. Doesnt anybody believe Vince would fire his “Money Maker”?

Here’s what WWE could do, they could have Punk win. Then after Vince fires Cena, strip Punk of the title. Then in a cuple of weeks Cena returns.


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