Calling Out The Stars

I be doing blogs on WWE Superstars current gimmicks. In this one, I’ll have 3 Superstars named. Those are John Cena, R-Truth, & The Miz.

I’ll start with John Cena:

John Cena: Cena’s character is a role model for kids. He first became a rodel in 2005 after he came to Monday Night Raw from the draft. Cena has connected to the kids over the years. Personally, I hate the gimmick. I’d rather have the old “Chain Gang” gimmick back. Since his debut in 2002, all the way to 2005 John used the Chain Gang gimmick, rapping Superstars such as The Undertaker & Kurt Angle. Cena has gained a name from the IWC for how WWE uses Cena. And that name is “SuperCena”. Although that does fit with the PG rating WWE uses now. We all seen what Cena can do thoughout his past with the company. As face Cena sucks, its a fact. But as heel, he’s great.

R-Truth: Truth’s current gimmick is like a crazy guy that believes everybody is against him. Truth believes the only way to get people on his side is by winning the WWE Championship. He’s even went out and named the John Cena fans and John Cena. He calls the fans “Little Jimmys” and John “Big Jimmy”. WWE couldve done more with his character, like having Truth attack Cena backstage, but instead they have him attack his former Tag partner John Morrison. Now I see this storyline going to far before something good happens. By the time anythings happen, nobody would care.

The Miz: The Miz is still star struck from holding the WWE Championship. Now that Riley has turned his back on Miz, Riley will do great and Miz doesnt have a “pal” to help him in matches. During the fued between Miz and Orton, Miz was scared of Orton. He wouldnt even get in the ring with him. Miz has that cocky “I’m better then you” gimmick. But Miz has also proven that he isnt as good as he wants people to think. Miz is known as the “Most See Champion”, there’s the thing. Miz isnt Champion…and the only reason that was ever thought of is cause WWE pushed him to soon. Miz needs more challenges before even tryin for the title again. Now look at Miz, he’s facing a rookie and has droped from the Main Event. He’s no longer a Main Eventer and has become a Mid-Carder where he started.


Raw 7/18/11 Vince, Hunter, & John segment

We seen on Raw when Vince was about to “fire” John Cena, Triple H (Hunter) came out and told Vince that he was basically fired. And that he was taking over the company. How this storylined is angled, Hunter takes over the company while Vince sits at home. I for one think that Vince still has control over the WWE and Hunter is the GM of Raw. I dont see Hunter taking over the WWE untill Vince McMahon’s acturl death. Which would take a big impact on the Universe and WWE Roster. Their have been rumors that Hunter would take over the company. And I support the idea of handing the company to Hunter. But I dont see it happenning so soon, so I see somehow Hunter only becoming the Raw GM for now.


As for Vince to show that he has control over the company, I’d say he’ll come back and try to “fire” Cena once again. Vince will claim the Board of Directors hired him back or changed there mind. I’d like by the end of this storyline, Cena turns heel.

WWE Raw 7/11/2011 Review

John Cena vs. The New Nexus in a 2 on 1 Handi-Cap

Minus the fact everybody knew Cena was going to win the match, it was a great match. I’m surpirsed that it took aslong as it did for Cena to bounce back and make a win. I give the match a 3 out of 5.

Melina vs Kelly Kelly

I dont watch the Diva matchs much anymore. But the match seemed short to me and I believe that Melina shouldve won the match instead of Kelly.

Bellas/Kelly & Eve segment

Brie & Nikki making fun of Kelly by calling her fat seems the same way they did to Kharma. I’m not a big of the 4. But Brie & Nikki have become great heels, better then when their face. As soon as Kelly jumped on Brie I knew that someone would help Kelly which turned out to be Eve. The only thing I think about Eve helpping Kelly is to get close to the Divas Championship. Of course Eve is only going to help Kelly to get close to that title.

The Money in the Bank 6-Man tag match

It was a great match, but sadly ended when Alberto Del Rio came to the ring and attacked his Money in the Bank Oppents. I dont blame ADR…he made an impact showen that his ready for the PPV. I say that either Evan Bourne or R-Truth walks out as the Money in the Bank Raw winner.

CM Punk/McMahon/John Cena segment

I have to say that Punk has gotten my attention in the last few weeks with the fued against Cena. And this past night on Raw Punk get McMahon to say sorry on TV. Its rare that you see the boss say sorry to anyone. McMahon and Punk was a great segment on Raw and then Cena comes out. Cena talking smack about Vince was funny for the kids. But everybody thought Cena would be the last to step up to Vince. But no, Cena showed on Raw that he’d stand up to Vince 2 weeks in a row. But as the show was ending, CM Punk cut a great promo about Boston, about leaving as WWE Champion and this time, they didnt cut his mic off. But Punk also riped up the contract that Vince and him signed for another run in the WWE instead of leaving.

CM Punk

2 weeks ago on Raw CM Punk went out of the PG-13 ratings and attacked the McMahon family, not physicaly but emotionly. Vince McMahon suspended him for it and last week on Raw John Cena called Mr. McMahon out about it.

John threatin to walk out of the WWE due to Vince not wanting Punk back in the company. John handed the WWE Championship to McMahon and started to head backstage when Vince said that Punk was hired back, but if Cena lost the title match at Money in the Bank, the Vince would personaly fire Cena.

I for one dont see Cena losing the title to Punk at Money in the Bank. I know its Punk’s last night and he should hold the title. But WWE gave away the winner two times during this storyline.

1. Back when Punk told the Universe on a live Raw that the Money in the Bank PPV would be his last, he said he’d leave as Champion. WWE isnt going to let him leave as Champion.

2. Last week on Raw, when Vince said he’d fire Cena if Cena lost. That shows that Cena’s winning. Doesnt anybody believe Vince would fire his “Money Maker”?

Here’s what WWE could do, they could have Punk win. Then after Vince fires Cena, strip Punk of the title. Then in a cuple of weeks Cena returns.

Wrestlemania Cena/Rock fued

WWE has been advertising the Rock/Cena match for Wrestlemania 28, before Wrestlemania 27. IMO this is going to be a pointless fued and match. WWE started this to soon. And now people are for getting about the match.

John Cena & The Rock have been bashing eachother on Twitter. More then likely Cena’s been winning. The match at WM 28 will end in 2 ways.

1. John Cena wins due to the fact thats he’s the current face of the company.

2. Rock wins due to the fact he was a big WWF superstar.

Either way, the match will be short due to Rock cant get his face injuried. No No Rock doesnt need to be injuried. He’s a big movie acter. Why risk that?