Possible Shane McMahon return?

Lately I’ve been reading articles that Shane McMahon could possibly return to the WWE. With the Authority now being Triple H, Stephanie & Vince McMahon. Is there a chance that Shane may return as well? If so will he join he’s family of rebel against them such as he did to his father in the Monday night wars when he bought WCW. I’d like to see him return but, the storyline for me is unsure.


4 years ago today…

I started this site 4 years ago today as a way to voice my opinion on Wrestling. Though, over time I’ve voiced on other topics as well. I haven’t watched much wrestling the past couple of weeks, which is why there hasn’t been anything written. Logged on today and seen the 4 year mark and decided to post this, I want to think the supporters. The FaceBook page for this site has 3,600 likes. I’m hoppen to get some articles in soon. Of course it mostly likely won’t be till after September.

Anyways, here’s to another 4 years on wordpress.


WWE Fan Girls/Bandwagons

I’ve been a fan since the early to mid 90s. I grew up watching the Monday Nights War, through the whole thing I was a WWF fan. Though I was a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin fan and he joined the Alliance at some point, instead of just watching WCW Nitro I watched WWF Raw is War also. Now lets get down to why I decided to make this post, through out all the times I’ve watched I’ve noticed that people jump on the bandwagon when the company changes their favorite superstar/divas gimmick. Lets say in todays WWE John Cena turns Heel, 99% of the Cenation will start booing him and jump ship to whomever he faces. Now I can say this, I’m a Cena fan though I will agree the “Superman” gimmick has gotten old. As for past gimmicks, the “Chain Gang” & “Prototype” gimmicks were great.

Since we’re on the subject of John Cena, lets look at the fan girls. I’m not going to say all, but most are taking the talk to serious. What I mean is threatening to kill yourself because someone else doesn’t like Cena. If your doing that, you need to get some help quick. Lets take a look back to 2009/2010 on a site called WWE Universe, on the site the fan girls would get picked on and react this way. Its the reason why it continued, generally if you have an opinion at least have something to back it up with. Now this may make me a “hater”, though I’m only speaking my mind. John Cena was the only one, Randy Orton is another. Just because someone doesn’t mean their a “hater”, they become that way cause you make them that way.

This may get me some hate post. As I said above, voicing my opinions. If you want to talk a certain Superstar or Diva, speak about the gimmick not the person. Gimmicks play a big role in the WWE. As long as you cheer and boo WWE thinks their doing the right thing. Lets go back a second, in 2005 John Cena was drafted to Raw. The only time he was drafted again was to SmackDown just to come back to Raw in the same night. In the 10 years Cena has been on Raw, WWE has had chances to turn him heel and have not taken them. Just to name a few: John Cena vs. CM Punk, John Cena vs. Kane, John Cena vs. The Rock, John Cena vs. Rusev, John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, John Cena vs. The Authority & John Cena vs. The Shield.

AAA Wrestler passes in a match

I don’t follow the AAA matches. But, after running across this article online about a wrestler that past during a match last night. I decided to take a look into it. Seems former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio is involved from a Hurricona, followed by a drop kick which is normally used to set up the 619. As I seen from the videos on the accident, Rey missed the 619 completely. I’m not going to say this is Rey’s fault since this is the risks for the business.

After watching the videos, I have this to ask. Instead of ending the match why did they continue the match?


Article is here: http://wwfoldschool.com/breaking-rey-mysterio-kills-a-wrestler/

Battle Pirates and the changes needed

First I want to start this off by saying. I started this game shortly before Revenge Raid 1. I’m currently level 55 after missing a year of this game. The repair bills on fleets which is the main topic up for change. The repairs have been long for a long time, the most I’ve seen is from 10-16 hours a fleet. How are you suppose to play the game with that kind of repair? Of course they give you Free 5 min repairs, so you still have 15hrs 55mins before you get the 5min free repair. Due to the repairs, most likely your spending more time waiting then playing, you get the 1/2 repair during raids. As for my pick on what the repair times should be, I’d say at least 3 hours. Everybody’s entitled to their opinion on that, I feel that 3hrs for the fleets would be fair. Also for the coiners, for the ones that spend their hard earned money on the game. It would cut the cost down to repair, now the thing is. Will that end up hurting the non-coiners of the game? While they wait the 3 hours, the ones coining can be hitting bases like crazy.

Another thing being talked about is the build time for ships. This past raid “Hells Gate” gave us the Hell Hound, which takes 30 days to build. Hell, by the time that’s built it’ll be time for the next raid. I have the Hell Hound, but not building it due to the time it’ll take. In parts will take me a little over a month to finish one. Which would be a waste, considering next raid might have something to counter it. As for where the build time should be, is around 5 or 6 days. Of course as I said earlier everyone has their own opinion on this.

As for this last one, its basically on my thoughts. The fact that now once you hit level 50 you become a farm for players that are level 70 or higher. This is one of the things I’d like to see changed. No not back to the 5 level range as we seen before, possibly 10 level range. The thing that gets me on that is, the 70+ will only hit the 50s which makes it harder for the 50s to grow in the game. They can’t hit back without having the newer stuff. This game use to be where it was rare that such as a level 28 getting into a level 32 base. But now that’s changed. Lower levels don’t have the stuff that a higher level has.

Look, throughout the years playing this game I have meet a lot of good people. If its through battling or helping each other, you and the other learn to love the game more. Kixeye made a game all of us love. But now its time to show Kixeye some tough love. Such as the group on FaceBook is doing, the International Brotherhood of Battle Pirates. Also thanks to F.E.R.N for the support.

International Brotherhood of Battle Pirates <–Click

F.E.R.N <—Click

Roman Regins and the Rumble

For those that watched this years Royal Rumble seen Roman Regins win the Rumble. Now there’s the question if he’s got what it takes to be champion. Is he championship metrical? As for this, everyone has there own opinion. I for one missed the Rumble, got the results from friends that did watch. Lets take a look back on Roman for a few, he first showed up as a rookie on NXT. Then later on join the faction called The Shield with Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins. Which first attacked John Cena during his match against CM Punk, which in terms cost Cena the match. The Shield became big due to that, eventually they ran across one of WWE best factions Evolution, “The Game” Triple H, “The Animal” Batista & “The Viper” Randy Orton. Although, this feud ended with Seth Rollins turning on The Shield by hitting Roman with a steel chair on Raw to join the Authority. Regins was now in singles and was getting a push that you can see now at the Rumble.

As for the fact that there are many on the list that most believe should’ve gotten a push before Roman, the fact is the reaction that Roman gets plays a row. A big pop in crowed when he comes out. With the “Power Couple” in charge saying what’s best for business. Roman in a title match fits. Now then with that said, my piece in this. Roman was one of my top 5 to win the Rumble. Even though he has won the Rumble, I don’t think he’ll win at WrestleMania. If by some chance he does, I see Rollins cashing in. I’ve been hearing that Lesnar will lose the title at WrestleMania and leave the WWE once again. This has been expected for awhile. As for this feud between the Shield members. I wouldn’t mind seeing Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Regins for the WWE Championship. Through that may or may not happen, think it’d be a match.


Moment: Stone Cold Saves The WWF

Growing up watching the World Wrestling Federation/Extreme Championship Wrestling/World Championship Wrestling.  I had a lot of moments I liked and go back to either YouTube or DVD/Tapes to rewatch them. Such as this moment from my #1 favorite wrestler of all time, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin saving the WWF as “The Alliance” WCW & ECW attacks the WWF.

Sorry for the lack of HD in the video, it was the only one I could find. As for the moment itself, this is one of the times I was watching with my grandfather and my cousin, our grandfather was a WCW fan so he was going for the alliance throughout this. As for me and my cousin, we stuck with WWF through and through, I was the Stone Cold fan and he was a fan of The Rock, which meant after the show went off the air me and him would wrestle in the house till we got tired enough to sleep. As for this moment, this is the last moment we had to watch with our grandfather that died a week later from lung cancer.